Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Little Darlings

Little One
Gum Drop
A few weeks ago you may recall I mentioned that thanks to Alexandra from the, I had the opportunity to review a product and was trying to decide what to try.

Well the love of my little darlings - Little One and Gum Drop - won out and I decided to select something for them. I’ve had the good fortunate of getting numerous books in the mail lately so I thought it was their turn.

Let’s just say when it came to picking out something for them, it was even harder. I finally decided on not one, but two products.

The first was a 30-inch Faux Fleece Cat Tree in sky blue. Now both

of my kitties are females, but the blue wasn’t a problem (besides it’s a pretty color). Next I picked a Hood-Top Cat Litter Box in stone beige. Placing the order for the cat tree was easy. The litter box, however, was on back order and not available for a few days. Alexandra was gracious and helped process that part of the order for me.

As luck would have it (we had a different UPS man for a few days), both items arrived on the same day and within just a short time from when I'd ordered them. The cat tree came with clear instructions and the tool needed to put it together. It was a simple task that only took a few minutes to assemble. It’s well built and quite sturdy.

At first, my little darlings stayed true to form and were more interested in the box it came in than they were the tree. After a day or two they have now discovered the fun of playing on the tree (much like the two cats in the photo from

The best thing about the tree, it works great as steps for Little One and Gum drop to access one of their favorite napping areas. Little One is 13 years old and Gum Drop is 12 so I’m always looking for ways to make things easier for them.

Now the litter box. I had tried a covered box before and they wouldn’t go inside it. It had a solid dark plastic cover. The litter box

from has a clear plastic cover. I fixed the new box and replaced their coverless one. They smelled around a bit and then started using it.

It’s a great litter box. The cover helps keep down dust and smell. The back portion is a reserve for the litter. It can hold up to 20 pounds. There is a slot at the bottom of the reserve that allows the cats to pull more litter inside if they need it. The cover comes off over the reserve litter container making it quick, easy and simple to clean and the litter is right there in the reserve to refill the box.

Both products have met and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommended both items. Thanks to Alexandra and for the opportunity to review these products as Little One and Gum Drop are enjoying them very much. 

Join me tomorrow for a book review and some giveaway updates. Hope everyone has a great Saturday.


  1. Wow that is some high class litter box!! Almost makes me want to get a cat.

  2. I'm going to check out this store. Love the cat box. I bet the dark cover made them feel closed in whereas the clear cover they can still see out.

  3. Looks like an awesome store! Lucky kitties :)

  4. Karen, it is a neat litter box and handy having the litter in the reserve.

    Dru, I think you're right about the dark cover because they would not go in it. With this one they had no problem.

    Nicole, it is an awesome store. I think they carry just about everything. I'm the lucky one for having two sweet cats (most of the time). LOL

  5. Mason - I'm so glad that Little One and Gumdrop liked your choices : ). I just love that tree, too; it looks like so much fun. I'll bet your little girls have a blast. Thanks for sharing the review with us.

  6. I suggested a litter box like that to my daughter, I had one once. Litter keeps ending up on the floor. I love that one. I will tell her about it.

    PS I think I will come visit and play on the tree with your kitties, it's looks like so much fun.

  7. I'm glad you are so pleased with your products!

  8. What a fancy litter box. It sounds great! I don't have cats since I have a son who's allergic to cats, but both of these sound marvelous.


  9. Cute little critters they are. Wish we could get cats but wifey is allergice to them. Mayeb we could get one of those hairless cats like Dr. Evil has.

    Stephen Tremp

  10. Oh, I see your furries are just as spoiled as mine! Sometimes I think I get a bigger kick out of buying them new *toys* than they are in getting them! LOL!

  11. Cute cats - glad the products worked out well :)

  12. I would love to get this cat litter box, I realize this is a very old post, but any chance you might know where I can purchase something like this?

    1. Linda, you might try Wayfair. I'm not sure but they took over the store I got this one from so hopefully they still carry them. Good luck.


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