Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Let It Happen Again

I told myself that I wasn’t going to do this again. I told myself that I was getting more organized and this wouldn’t happen any more.

Yeah, right. I let it happen again. I let Saturday slip up on me without a prepared post. So here I sit (Friday night) trying to come up with something that is somewhat interesting or at the very least entertaining for you.

Guess I could explain. Fridays are a wonderful day for most and I do enjoy them. However, Friday is the deadline for my paper which means I pretty much spend the entire day at the computer laying the paper out and making sure everything is ready to be printed by late Friday afternoon. That’s one reason I don’t get by many of your blogs on Friday. Some Fridays it goes smooth (only a few minor problems) and other Fridays - you don’t want to know. By the time I finish work, pick grocery, do household chores and such it’s late. So my goal is to have my Saturday post ready to go, just cut and paste. Well, at least I know what my goal is even if I don’t seem to be making it. Enough whining, on to better things.

First, let me say a gracious “thank you” to Karen at Author Karen Walker .... Following the Whispers for passing 'The Circle of Friends Award'
on to me. If you haven’t stopped by Karen’s blog, be sure to do so. She has very interesting posts and is a wonderful friend. Thanks Karen. BTW, I enjoyed your photos from the folk dance camp.

Second, since I’ve been running behind posting the winners of the book giveaways I decided to make a page just for that. You’ll notice a new link at the top, left hand side of the page. Click on it and it will take you to the list of recent winners.

A while back I mentioned a program called “Calibre” that I heard about through Dear Author. I downloaded the program and tried it, but it didn’t work. I uninstalled it and forgot it. A week or so ago I decided to try it again. This time I installed the oldest version first and then upgraded. It worked.

It is the neatest program that I have ever come across. It is designed to organize the e-books on your computer so you can located them easily. But you can also add your physical books to the program so that you have a list of all your books handy. That was the main reason I wanted the program. I needed a way to help keep track of the books I have so that I don’t buy a second copy of the same book (have done that several times in the past).

I will warn you that if you have a lot of books it can be time consuming. But, again it is worth the time it takes. You type in the name of the book and then click on a link, the program will pull all the information in for you and you can even add a photo of the book cover. If you click on this link, there is a video that describes it so much better than I can. So far I have put 193 book in the program. I still have numerous boxes in the spare bedroom to go through, not to mention several books of audio books, the 7 new books I received this week for September review and at least 3 more books that I know are in enroute to me. Did I mention I love books?

I’m still trying to decide about the best way to do a sign up for the book giveaways. Some readers like the form over send an e-mail, but I’m still not sure. One thing I keep coming back to is the fact that if someone sends me an e-mail about winning a book, when I return that e-mail to them saying, ‘Congratulations you’ve won,’ it is less likely to go into the spam folder because it came from that person originally. Just a thought.

I plan to have several books reviews for you this coming week, including some cozy murder mysteries. In addition there will be guest post from these wonderful authors - Jackie Johnson, Carolyn Brown, Terry Spear, and Leonora Pruner.

Quick question - I’ve been highlighting authors’ responses in bold, blue type. Is this easy to read? Would it be better if it was just bold, black print? I want it to be easy to read and I want it make sure the author’s words stand out. Clarissa just suggested going with a green or a red font. I hadn't thought of that. Suggestions?

Okay, I’ve rambled enough. Thanks for taking time to stop by today. Have a great Saturday and enjoy a good book.


  1. That program sounds awesome. If I ever buy an electronic book (they are not bog over here) then I will keep that in mind.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. The bold, blue stands out better.

  3. Tabitha, thanks for dropping by here too. I enjoy your blog. BTW, the book program works great for keeping up with print books too. That, to me, is the best part.

    Dru, thanks. I was hoping it stood out but I wasn't sure what others were seeing.

  4. I sooo need something to organize my books. We've got hundreds though. HUNDREDS, and that's not counting the kids' shelves where you can pack 10 books in per inch.

    On a happy note, I received Tempted by a Warrior (Amanda Scott) in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to reading that one!

  5. Mason - Congratulations on your award - Quite well-deserved : ). You are a friend to all of us book-lovers : ). Speaking of which, I do like the way you highlight your guest posters' words in blue. I like being able to distinguish that from your writing. And thanks, too, for that idea for organizing books. I'm going to have to look into that.

    And life happens, especially at a busy paper; we love your posts even if they aren't carefully prepared : ).

  6. I worked at one of our newspapers for a while as a proofreader. Tuesday was that day for us. Crazy, but necessary.

    I have no complaints about the way you post at all. Your tastes seem to be mine.

    Wow, logging your books. That is a job.


  7. Well, I suppose it make sense that work comes before blogging. So, we’ll give you a pass. ;)

    I prefer just a bold type the blue it a bight bright when there is a lot to text. Perhaps still blue but a dull shade? For example the blue in this comment popup.

  8. Either bold or highlighting works for me. And it would take me forever to enter all my books in that program.

  9. My only other thought about form v. email is that for me, the email is more purposeful. I definitely want to try to win if I have to do all that work! But if the form makes it easier for you, then by all means, change it up!
    And I don't mind the blue bold at all, it's fine to read.

  10. Vicki, I understand about the 100s of books. I'm scared to start looking in all the boxes I have packed up. Hope you enjoy your new book.

    Margot, thanks for the kind words. I like the idea of making the author's words stand out. I want them to get more attention.

    Teresa, proofreading can be a job and a half in itself. I wouldn't want that job at all.

    Holly, isn't unfair that work has to come first though. :) I'll try some different shades of the blue and see how they do. Thanks.

    Alex, I wondered if you have a program to keep up with all the movies you watch. WOW if you did.

    Julia, you have a good point about the e-mail. I'm not sure the form is going to be any easier for me especially if there are several books involved in the giveaway. It's looking like I may stay with the e-mail option.

  11. I kept telling myself to catalog my print books - should have done it when we were packing to move. I hate to confess how many times I've bought a book and then found I owned a copy -- or didn't buy a book because I didn't want to make that mistake again.

    Shall have to look into Calibre, but today I'm off down the mountain to hook up with some writers. I'm looking forward to meeting people in this part of the country--that's one thing I miss about leaving Florida--all my writing buddies.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  12. Wow, it's great. So much stuff to consider. I can't believe you do a newspaper too. That's great.

    As for your question at the end, Why Blue? Why not go with a green or red font to match your blog colors? Just a thought.


  13. Terry, I've put off buying a book because I thought I already had it but when I got home I didn't. I'm hoping this program will help. Have fun meeting the other writers.

    Clarissa, I hadn't thought about the green or the red so I went back and added a line just to see how they look. Thanks for the suggestion.

  14. Hi Mason .. thanks for following me - lovely having you over there.

    The 'library' programme sounds intriguing and I'll definitely look it over - and when I unpack in a few weeks - then may start loading my own books onto it .. at least I can sort them then!

    The friends I'm staying with .. I think could definitely use Calibre - so I'll suggest it ..

    Good timing with that programme! .. and the email - I'd use that .. the font colour - they both stand out - but I saw blue - so green might match better .. if that's your style .. not necessarily mine!

    Have a great weekend .. and a relaxing day today - thanks for the comment though - appreciate them.

    All the best - Hilary

  15. Hilary, nice to visit with you. Enjoy your posts. Calibre is an interesting program and I'm enjoying adding my print books to it. I had forgotten just how many I do have until I started adding them to this program. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. I like the green font, it's easier on the eyes. :)


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