Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life's Unexpected Twist

What happens when the train you’re on is derailed?

I don’t mean literally, but figuratively of course. I’m talking about when you have something all scheduled and then life steps in and changes everything. That seems to have happened to me during the last couple of days. (For those stopping by for my Sunday post, the migraine has eased. Thanks for all the kind words.)

I don’t have a lot going on when compared to others who are raising a family, working full-time and writing books. But there are days I wonder what I was thinking when I signed on to do something else.

When I started this blog on Halloween last year, I never imaged it would take on a life of its own. Don't get me wrong. It’s been a wonderful learning experience. I have meet a group of amazing bloggers that includes authors and readers.

A number of these great authors have even been gracious enough to guest blog here. That in itself has been a thrill and a wonderful experience. Herein lies part of the derailment, however. A guest blogger I had scheduled for today was unable to participate as planned. I was unprepared for that and didn’t have a post ready. So today’s post is a rambling of my thoughts from last night as I tried to figure out why I couldn’t turn photos into a slideshow and burn to a DVD. This is something I have done a number of times before but no go this time.

Back to books. In addition to the authors, I’ve meet some great people in the publishing field. To my surprise I’ve also received numerous books to review, as well as various books from giveaways.

My main focus when reading has always been in the general genre of mystery. Whether it was cozy mysteries, suspense mysteries, and even thrillers with a great deal of emphasis on the graphic details of the murder. I just enjoy mysteries.
Occasionally I would read something with a little romance in it. But even then, most had a murder thrown in or was filled with some type of suspense. When reviewing books for the paper I work for, I focused mainly on mysteries.

This blog has changed how I read and the way I think about books in general. I’ve been reading a variety of genres lately. I have a number of romance and historical romance in my TBR stack, along with a mother and daughter relationship novel, a western, paranormal romance, and even a couple of mysteries (LOL). In addition, I decided to review children’s books, cookbooks, and a graphic novel. I have also been exposed to some very good YA novels that I’ve added to my wish list.

Blogging has expanded my interest and love of books. My appreciation of authors has increased tremendously. My exposure to new authors is expanded daily.

In general my impression of what an author does has changed. I realize more each day all the hard work that goes into creating the wonderful characters and plots I love to read. I’ve also come to realize that authors as a whole are a very supportive group of people looking out and helping each other (as well as non-writers) whenever possible. To me that is heartwarming.

Chatting with and reading blogs by authors has rubbed off on me in another way. No, I’m not considering writing a book. However, I do find myself taking certain situations and thinking of different ways they could play out. Reading is a wonderful thing. So this is my way of saying thanks to all who are authors and to those non-authors who share their love of reading and new books with me.

I also want to give a special thanks  to Jemi at Just Jemi for giving me the Sugar Doll Award. If you haven't checked out Jemi's blog, be sure to do so. She recently changed her blog layout and has added a number of interesting items. I wish there had been teachers like her when I was in school. Her love of teaching and her students comes through her writing.
Thanks to Lorel at I'm Blogging Down Here! for giving me the Prolific Blogger Award. Lorel has a wonderful blog even though she has cut back some on blogging to concentrate on her writing. Be sure to stop by and say hi.  She recently participated in the Murder Scene Blogfest. Check our her entry.

Also thanks to to VR at VR Barkowski for giving me the Blogger Buddie Award. VR has a great blog. She also participated in the Murder Scene Blogfest. Be sure to drop by and read her entry too. VR is always sharing current contests, giveaways, and writing events on her blog to help out fellow authors and non-writers alike.

Now I have winners to announce. Thank goodness for RANDOM.ORG which helped me select the winners. First, here are the winners of “Montana Legacy” by R.C. Ryan. Congratulations goes to Tabathia B. of Winterville, NC; Brenda H. of Warner Robins, GA; Lisa B. of Filion, MI; Neljo M. of Cleveland, TN; and Kara T. of Cincinnati, OH. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveway. Second, here are the winners of “The Highest Stakes” by Emery Lee. Congratulations goes to Teresa of Journaling Woman and karenk. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented on Emery’s post.

Has blogging changed your way of reading? Has a blog lead you to read a book you wouldn’t have otherwise? Or has blogdom changed your way of thinking about other genres?


  1. Mason - Congratulations on your richly-deserved awards! I am impressed!

    Your blog has grown in richness and depth since you started it, and I am impressed. I know, too, what you mean about when things unexpectedly change, and you find yourself going in a new direction and doing new things. To me, that can be part of the pleasure of the journey through life. Of course, it can also be unsettling, too... I look forward to seeing what the future brings for you and your terrific blog : ).

  2. My life gets derailed about every day...comes with the territory of college I guess. I really appreciated this post...and I agree with Margot, you have brought such depth and character to your posts. I think blogging ultimately changes a person, if they do it consistently enough. You make friends, read constantly and slowly but surely develop another part of yourself. It's only natural. Thanks for writing, you rock :)

  3. Isn't blogging great? Hard to imagine life before it now...

    It's changed a lot of things for me. I've found out so much about genres I've never read and others' approaches to writing. It's been a fantastic education!


  4. Blogging definitely has changed my reading because it has introduced so many new-to-me authors that would have remain unknown to me if not for reading the many author and genre blogs. I'm a mystery book lover but lately, I've been reading more light paranormals and I did try to read a historical.

    You deserve every award you receive because your blog increases my reading pile.

    Have a good Tuesday.

  5. My life and plans are constantly getting derailed too! I think I have the whole day or week planned (and plans on into the future) and immediately something happens that changes everything. It does throw me for a loop, though my father always told me that you have to learn to roll with the punches--easier said than done, though!

    Hope the migraine not only eases up, but disappears entirely.

  6. Congratulations on your awards.

    I've been reading a much expended set of genres, and reading these interviews and reviews encourages me to try new things because they all sound so interesting.

  7. Yes, yes, and yes ... to answer your questions. Blogging has also introduced me to many new friends, expanded my knowledge, and helped my voice to develop. Congrats on your awards. So well deserved. Your blog is great.

  8. I'll pipe up to agree that you deserve every single award you get! I'm part of the mystery community and am always amazed at the continuing support from other authors. Especially when the train derails!

  9. Margot, thank you for your kind words. I agree the unexpected twist can sometimes be a pleasure and bring joy to our lives.

    Chase, you rock. You've got a lot going on and still manage to handle the twists and turns of college life. Wow. I agree, blogging does develop a different part of your character.

    Elizabeth, blogging has been an education and a wonderful journey. I'm so glad I listen to the encouragement from you and the ladies at MLK to do this.

    Dru, thanks for your kind words too. I know what you mean about expanding your reading. There are so many new authors I've found through blogging that I wouldn't have known of otherwise.

    Mary, it seems when I have a definitely plan in place that's when everything goes crazy. I try to have a general idea of which way I'm going and build on that daily. The migraine is easing, but I'm afraid the pollen will help keep it around for awhile (just not as bad).

    Carol, thank you for your kind words too. It's all the wonderful people like you and the others who visit that make the blog great. I am constantly amazed at the friendship I've developed through blogging. It's fantastic.

    Deb, thank you as well for your kind words. Ya'll have me blushing. The support among the writers to other writers and non-writers alike is unbelievable. I think other groups and organizations needs to learn from that.

  10. I am so sorry you weren't feeling well. I don't blog on weekends, so I didn't know.
    I am so impressed with all the different genres you are now reading, thanks to blogging. I didn't see memoir in there--uh oh--
    Yes, getting derailed is quite discombobulating. But look at how you managed so well--this blog post gives us a glimpse into you--not just the authors you so graciously host here.

  11. Karen, you're right. I forgot to list memoir as one of the new genres that I will be reading thanks to blogging. And I'm looking forward to it. I like discombobulating - that fits me,.

  12. Congratulations on your awards!

    Blogging has changed a lot of things for me. As for reading, I do read things I wouldn't have before. A few have been given to me either by publicists or other bloggers. It's definitely opened my reading corral.

    Straight From Hel

  13. I know what you mean about blogs taking on a life of their own. When I started mine, it was at a publisher's suggestion, because I had a short story coming out.

    Now, I enjoy finding new blogs (this one included), finding new friends, and hosting guests at my own blog.

    Even the hubster leaves me alone when I say, "I've got to get tomorrow's blog posted."

  14. Glad the migraine is better. Those can be so debilitating.

    I used to be primarily a cozy mystery reader too, until I started blogging. Now I read a little bit of everything!

    Congrats on the awards!

  15. Blogging definitely changed what I read - it's introduced me to so many books and authors that I never would have found otherwise.

    Congratulations on your awards - well-deserved. Your blog is on my short list of "must reads" - blogs that I will read every day, no matter how pressed for time I may be.

  16. Congrats on all the awards - and thanks for all the kind words - you're a sweetie! :)

  17. Helen, thanks. Blogging does introduce us to genres that we normally wouldn't have tried.

    Terry, blogging does open up an entirely different and wonderful world. I enjoy the days I have a little extra time and get to find new blogs and new friends.

    Janel, thanks. I know what you mean about only reading cozy mysteries and now reading such a vast array of genres. It's so nice.

    Ingrid, thank you for the kind words and for including me on your "must reads" list. I'm honored.

    Jemi, thank you. You're the one that is sweet. I always enjoy reading your blog.


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