Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guest Blogger, Andrew Parker

Join me in welcoming author Andrew Parker as the special guest blogger here today at Thoughts in Progress.

I became aware of Andrew and his book, “Prophecy of Power,” when he was interviewed by Creative Chronicler at CC Chronicles

Andrew has stopped by today to tell us about his story.

I (Andrew Parker)was born in 1966 then unfortunately back in October 1985 I had a serious car accident that left me wheelchair bound. I contemplated then, maybe I should write a book. But in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, I struggled to pick up a pen, never ever thinking I would write or type again.

With the strong support of my family and friends I did manage to get stronger and believe in myself even returning to full time employment. Then in March 2001, I had the best day of my life, when I got married, it gave me the impetus to accomplish things, unfortunately it wasn’t to last and we were divorced in 2006.

In 2005 I retired from full time employment to enjoy life, and travel. I even accomplished water skiing, dry slope skiing, and even appearing on TV in my favourite cookery show ‘Ready Steady, Cook’ with Ainsley Harriot, the first disabled person they have had on the show!

I've always had a fascination with religion, conspiracy so hopefully I've encapsulated all the elements and turned it into a great thriller.

This is my book ‘Prophecy of Power’.

Jacob Droutman was a Rabbi in New York, who had become disillusioned with the Jewish faith. He wondered if this was really the religion of God?

After attending a seminar on Revelation, he is given a file by a mysterious
blonde woman. The file contains information on three Jewish students who have gone missing. The students were going to announce an amazing archaeological discovery, and after what seemed a motiveless murder of his landlord, would trigger his intrigue and take him on a journey to Israel and the truth behind what these students had discovered.

As he got closer to the truth he learnt of the prophetic world powers. After studying and confirming through the scriptures that six world powers had gone before, it proved he was living in the seventh, the Anglo-American world power…but another was forecast to follow.

A buried tomb under the Golden Dome would announce the signs and how piecing them together would reveal the next world power. Who was the next world power? 

A secret burial site that had been deliberately hidden would hold the key…
You can buy this now as an eBook @
My follow up 'The Doomsday Preachers' will be out summer this year...
The murder of an investigative journalist brings Jacob Droutman into a dangerous cat and mouse game with a hired killer. 

Following on from his search for the ‘eighth world power’ foretold in Revelation, Jacob attends a speech given by a religious sect called End-Timer’s.

A group that welcomes environmental destruction as a sign of the coming ‘Apocalypse’, which leads him into the world of highly renowned Senator’s, and all the way to the White House.

Can Jacob stay out of the clutches of the assassin, unlock the clues in Revelation and stop the End-Timer’s from bringing their Doomsday to reality….

Andrew, thank you so much for guest blogging here today. This book sounds very intriguing and what you’ve accomplished should inspire the rest of us to reach for our goals.

To find out more about Andrew’s books and future project, visit his website at For blogs, articles and more news on Andrew visit


  1. Interesting book! Thanks for introducing us to Andrew, Mason. :)


  2. Mason - Thanks for opening your blog to Andrew.

    Andrew - It's always interesting to see how authors combine mystery/intrigue with other themes, like religion and spirituality. This book sounds like a very interesting combination.

  3. Elizabeth, it is an interesting book. I've only had the chance to skim over it but it's on my list TBR.

    Margot, thanks for stopping by.

  4. So interesting...I'm reading along and thinking "this British guy..." and then I realized, how did I know that? There is something distinctive in the way Parker writers here and they way he chronicles his life that is un-American (and I don't mean that in a derogatory way). This just struck me as very interesting, the power of a person's writing style and geography.

    Aside from that, what a powerful story! Parker has really overcome some deep misfortunes. And I half expected his book to be a memoir. But I was very happy to read it is a mystery, b/c that is what I love to read! Looking forward to picking this one up.

    Thanks, Mason! Great addition to your huge cast of guest bloggers.


  5. How inspiring! Thank you so much for introducing us to Andrew. And Andrew, thank you for showing us how to follow our dreams despite major setbacks.

  6. Michele, it is fun when you can determine where the person lives by the way they write. I love Andrew's style.

    Karen, I found Andrew's post very inspiring too. Goes to show, we have to focus on our dreams.

  7. The book definitely sounds intriguing! And YOU are a real inspiration, Andrew!


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