Friday, April 16, 2010

Bitten or Not

Have you been bitten by the spring bug?

I haven’t and I have. I haven’t been bitten by the spring “cleaning” bug yet. It’s been nibbling at me, but hasn’t taken a bite out yet. I expect it to any day now. Each day I find I want to clean a little more. I remember I need to rearrange this drawer or closet. And thanks to Elizabeth (Riley)’s post yesterday at Mystery Lover’s Kitchen, I realize now I really need to clean out my refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.

I have, however, been bitten by the “want outside” bug. The weather is in the upper 70s and the sun is shinning bright. Thoughts of the long, cold weather are slowly starting to be a distance memory. Now I want to be outside and work in the yard. My roses need work and my herb garden thinks I’ve abandoned it which I pretty much have.

As crazy as it sounds, I don’t mind weed eating. Just give me a good book loaded on my MP3 player, my headphones and I get lost in the book. Before I realize it, the weed eating is done and I’ve enjoyed another great book. Now times like that I don’t have to hold a book in my hands to enjoy it.

I’ll keep today’s post short, as I have a long day at work and won‘t get to drop back much. Fridays are deadline day - the paper goes to bed for next week. Everything has to be finished and ready for the press run today. Sometimes it goes smooth, sometimes (most Fridays) it goes crazy.

I’ll have some giveaway winners to announce this weekend and share the lineup of the coming authors guest blogging here (a new one has been added). In addition, be sure to check out the right sidebar. Author Loucinda McGary has an ARC giveaway contest going on at her website. 

Before I leave I do have a question I want to ask you. Who is your favorite villain and why? This can be a villain from a book or movie, past or present.

Crazy question I know, but I need a name for a crab. (Long story but we seem to collect one every year, and no they don‘t make it more than one or two years.) This is a mean crab so I thought of giving it a villain’s name. The last one we had, I called “Larry, the Lobster.” I wanted something a little more creative for this one, plus did I mention he’s mean.

Hope your Friday is sunny, bright and happy. What kind of spring bug has bitten you and what has it caused you to do?


  1. Very cute kittie-favorite villan-Cruella from a hundred and one Dalmations-she scared me as a child and she is still scary.

  2. I need to do a lot of springcleaning myself, but there are so many other things that take precedence :-(

    Current favourite villan - Black Spiderman, kids are obsessed with him.

    ~ Rayna

  3. Cute photo!

    The spring cleaning bug hasn't bitten yet, although Elizabeth's post on Mystery Lover's Kitchen awakened it from its slumber state. The wanting to be outside bug has bitten bigtime, though - I'm trying to schedule my days so that I can do some of my work that doesn't involve the computer while sitting outside enjoying this gorgeous spring.

    How about Mephistopheles for the crab? It doesn't get any more villainous than that!

  4. How about "Crustacia"...maybe its a girl crab? lol

    Some Spring cleaning here, but would rather read! As for villain, the witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves scared me as a child.

    I'm a new follower!



  5. Yes, I have been bitten. I love cleaning but I hear the call of the wild too.

    I can't think of any "mean" names, but it is early. :)

  6. Mason - I just love that picture! I've gotten a bit of the "cleaning bug," but not enough! ; ). I've been focusing a lot on my writing lately, and I really should look up and notice the "dust bunnies" once in a while ; ).

    As for villains? Hmm...Snidely Whiplash comes to mind. He's not my favorite villain, but I just think the name is cool.

  7. What a cute little cat!
    I can totally relate to sitting outside with a good book an forgetting time .. that's what I plan to do in LAX!

  8. Esme, Cruella is scary. I loved Glen Close as her in the movie remake.

    Rayna, I'm with you about other things taking precedence over cleaning. I keep telling myself, I'll find time today. :)

    Ingrid, Mephistopheles is good. I'll add that to my list. This time of year Little One loves to go outside and climb on a favorite log. I enjoy watching her play and it's so relaxing. Just don't get to do it enough.

    Sandee61, thanks for following. So glad you found us. And you know I hadn't even thought about it being a girl crab. That is very bad of me. Outside reading is something I truly enjoy.

    Teresa, the "wild" does call and pull on us very hard after that long, cold winter we had.

    Margot, Snidely is a cool name. It brings back memories from childhood of watching old cartoons. As for the "dust bunnies," I've decided I really shouldn't disturb them just yet. :)

    Laura, I ran across the photo of the cute little kitten when I was searching for a "spring cleaning" photo. I thought it was adorable. Hope you enjoy your reading. Sounds like fun.

  9. I got my cleaning bug early and rearranged my kitchen cupboards. Talk about a big job! Thankfully, that impulse is gone and I can spend more time outside.
    I can't think of anything mean either. Need coffee!

  10. Don't you worry, Mason, there is a pesticide for that nasty housecleaning bug! Get a book, a glass of wine (or your favorite drink), relax in a recliner or hammock and voila! the bug is dead.

    I think Hannibal Lector (is that how it's spelled?) is my favorite because he was so thoroughly bad with no remorse or conscience.

    Straight From Hel

  11. You can spring clean outside, too (says Elizabeth, the truly obsessed.) Patio? Front porch? Garden beds? Yes, someone should put me out of my misery.


    Mystery Writing is Murder

  12. This is the best time of year to be outside. Except it's raining here.

    Villain? How about Captain Hook, since crabs have those claws.

    Love the photo!

  13. Oh, I love that kitty picture :))

  14. Hmmm - isn't there a cranky crab on Sponge Bob???? My kids are too old so I'm not sure!

    My fave villain is Sauron from LotR

  15. Yep, feel like spring cleaning, gardening, and writing on the patio. I even have a photo of my yellow tulips on my blog post tomorrow morning.

    Favorite villain -- I think Cruella the Crab is perfect.

  16. Unfortunately, I have NOT been bitten by the cleaning bug, either--I like to get out, feel the sun on my face, and look at the flowers--especially spring wildflowers.

    I just read Dean Koontz's From the Corner of his Eye, and the Villain was HORRIBLE--not my favorite for sure--his name was Enoch Cain and his wife called him Eenie! But I wouldn;t name a crab that. If I think of soemthing, I'll come back.


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