Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guest Blogger, Rosemary Harris

Please join me in welcoming mystery author Rosemary Harris as the special guest blogger here today at Thoughts in Progress.

Rosemary’s latest release in the Dirty Business Mystery Series is “Dead Head.” Here’s a brief blurb about the book: “Fugitive mom...that's the tabloid headline that rocks a small New England town when it's discovered that one of their favorite ladies is a fugitive from the law. Amateur sleuth and professional landscaper Paula Holliday is called on by the woman's family to find out who dropped the dime and why this long-kept secret is enough to kill for.”

Rosemary stopped by today to answer a few questions about her writing.

Rosemary, what inspired you to make your protagonist a landscaper instead of say a cop?

There are so many writers better qualified than I to write police procedurals! I love reading amateur sleuths so it was natural for me to create one. She happens to be a gardener because 1) yes, I love gardening and 2) she's independent, it's seasonal and gets to meet a wide range of people, from the
day laborers she hires to the wealthy homeowners whose properties she looks after. That gives me a lot of story ideas.

What's next for Paula Holliday?

'm so excited about Dead Head. It's a slight departure in that there's a little less gardening in the book and I've played around with POVs because I wanted to tell parts of the story from the fugitive's point of view. From the early feedback I've gotten I think it worked. I am just finishing book four in the series. It's called Slugfest and it takes place at a fictional flower show.

With your many adventures have you ever considered writing a book or series about an explorer?

Well Nevada Barr has the national parks covered and Alexander McCall Smith has Botswana..maybe something in Tanzania?

I understand you and your husband built a library in central Tanzania. Please tell us about that.

Thank you for asking! In 2006, we were in Tanzania for a Habitat for Humanity trip and fell in love with a village and the people we met there. Mvumi has a primary school with over 1100 students, only 18 teachers and we were shocked to learn, no library. We decided to do something about it. We had a fundraiser in 2007 and received donations from all of the major publishers - some individually and some on a corporate level. We broke ground in June of 2007 and dedicated the building in November 2007, so we've just celebrated our second anniversary. We do always need books, supplies, and of course checks.

We also like the children to receive pen pal letters from American kids. If anyone is interested they should check out the Chalula Library page on my website or email me at
Anything about your series you'd like to share with the readers?

First off, I'd like to thank everyone in the mystery community who's been so supportive..booksellers, librarians and readers! I do read every email and love to hear from people. Paula's at a crossroads now and may be thinking about a career change - she's also got a few new friends who may change things for her. But that's all I'm saying!

Rosemary, thank you so much for stopping by today and answering these questions for me. The book sounds interesting and intriguing. I also applaud you and your husband for what you’re doing in Tanzania.

Now for something really neat and fun, check out the book trailer for Rosemary’s new book. In addition, Rosemary will be dropping back by later to answer any questions and respond to your comments.


  1. Great post! I was on Wagging Tales and saw you had given Charmaine an award. I had also so I thought I'd stop over and see who agreed with me that her blog deserved an award.

  2. I enjoy gardeming mysteries and must read some of her books, especially since my favorite garden mystery writer Ann Ripley has stopped writing, it seems.

  3. Mason - Thanks for hosting Rosemary!

    Rosemary - I think it's really interesting when a book uses more than just one point of view. I switch points of view in my own writing, and I think it can really add to the interest in a story. And I admire what you've done in Tanzania; that's really wonderful!

  4. And your passion for gardening and all thinks adventurous come through in your writing, Rosemary. Everybody, read this book!

  5. WOW! I loved the trailer so much I watched it three times and sent the link to some friends! The books SOUNDS LIKE it's just up my alley--something I would REALLY ENJOY! I WANT to read it! (And maybe the rest of the series too!)

  6. Angie, thanks for stopping by and following. Charmaine does have a neat blog. Hope you drop by often.

    Harvee, I enjoy Ann Ripley's books too. I found my first book at a used book store and fell in love with it. Rosemary's Dirty Business Mystery series is a great find too.

    Margot & Deb, thanks for stopping by.

    Mary, I agree the book trailer is great. I think it's one of the best I've seen so far.

    Rosemary, thank you so much for guest blogging here today. I can't wait to read your series and I love your book trailer too.

  7. Great post and a cute book trailer. (Liked the winking skull.)

    The book sounds like it'd be fun to read. I'm getting close to finishing a heavy book, so I'm ready for something fun. Thanks for the interview!

    Straight From Hel

  8. DEAD HEAD sounds wonderful. What a cool book trailer! It is exciting to know that a library now exists where it didn't before, thanks for Rosemary's efforts, and all those who pitched in to make it a reality. Outstanding!

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  10. Great post and really interesting trailer. Thank you!

    Happy weekend!

  11. Helen, Kathleen and Talli, thanks for stopping by. This is a cool book trailer. I love the music. It kind of makes me think Munsters and Adams Family combined with a good book.

  12. Love the trailer...has a nice beat to it. Putting book on my TBR list.

  13. I enjoy all your book posts, even though they make my To Be Read list grow longer and longer. I especially like the Rosemary Harris post. You do such a nice job here.


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