Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekend Cat Blogging #240

With all the talk of snow, freezing weather and New Year's resolutions going by the wayside, I thought today I'd do something fun, funky and completely different that has nothing to do with books, writing or reading.

I'm participating in "Weekend Cat Blogging #240" hosted this weekend by Sammy and Miles Meezer and Billy Swetfeets Gingersnap

Now, I know you're asking, "Cat Blogging, what in the world is Weekend Cat Blogging (WCB)?"

Well, let me tell you, "I really don't have a clue." From what I can understand, it's about a group of bloggers who love cats and on weekends they blog together about their felines. Each weekend a different blog hosts the event and those participating link their blog to that site.

Since I have two house cats I adore (Little One and Gum Drop), I thought I'd Cat Blog this weekend to see what it was all about.

I'd never heard of Cat Blogging before but Esme at Chocolate and Croissants suggested I check it out. This is Esme's link where she participated last weekend in the Cat Blogging. I'm not sure if she's participating this weekend or not.

Check out her link. She has some lovely cats and her blog is really neat. She also loves to cook (French) and she shares wonderful recipes on her site, as well as book reviews and various other topics.

Here are some photos of my lovey cats. The photo on the right is Gum Drop. She doesn't like having her photo taken (a lot like me). The photo on the left is Little One. She enjoys playing on this dead tree every time I take her outside for a walk. Neither cat seems to want to show their face. I either get a photo of them with their face turned down or they are so close to the camera lens that all you see are two huge eyes.

What do you think of Weekend Cat Blogging #240? Want to give it a try next weekend? I hope this WCB event at least it brought a smile to your face. It so helped me relax after a couple stressful snow days.


  1. Mason - Your cats are really adorable! Thanks for sharing them with us. I can completely understand how nice it is to do something stress-free when you've had a few tense days. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. So cute! I love the pictures.

    Thanks for sharing the link! Esme's blog sounds right up my alley.

    I'll have to check this cat blogging out!

    Mystery Writing is Murder
    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

  3. Nice kitties. I have had outdoor cats that looked like both of them. The one on the right was named...Tiger (real original) the one on the left Managerie. (Don't ask). I will probably pass on Saturday cat blogging. I shouldn't put another drop in my bucket unless I can be sure to carry it without spilling.

  4. Margot, thanks for the kind words about the kitties. They rule to say the least. Hope you have a great weekend too.

    Elizabeth, I think you'll enjoy Esme's link. She has some great recipes and highlights some wonderful cookbooks.

    Teresa, I think my bucket has a hole in it. I can't seem to keep everything together. As for names, I can't remember why in the world I came up with the name Gum Drop. Just one of those spur of the moment things I guess.

  5. It did make me smile. I don't have a cat. We used to have two, but learned our son is allergic to cats, so my sister inherited ours.

    This is a cute idea. Cats do rule the world, you know.

    Straight From Hel

  6. Helen, cats do seems to rule my household anyway. And they make me smile every day.

  7. Your kitties are beautiful! Gum Drop looks like a sweetheart, and Little One looks like she's having a great time by her dead tree (and her markings are gorgeous!).

    And of course cats rule the world! They're just waiting for the rest of the humans to acknowledge this before they take over completely.....

  8. Hi ya, Mason! Welcome to the WCB! And thanks for introducing us to Gum Drop and Little One!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  9. Ingrid, Gum Drop is a sweetheart as long as you let her do things her way. She doesn't like to be held, but she likes to lick on my hands while I'm trying to type. Little One has played on that dead tree for about five or six years now. That seems to be one of her favorite places to go when we go outside. Gum Drop doesn't like to go out.

    Island Cats, thanks for dropping by. I found WCB to be interesting. Gum Drop and Little One say hi and come back often.

  10. Your kitty cats are so cute! Weekend cat blogging is fun, it makes sure we take a picture of our cats at least once a week!

  11. Pam, I enjoy taking photos of them even if they don't like it.

  12. Hi cyber friends :-): Saw your comments while checking on my own virtual book tour (for the Merrivake serues) My kitties are as different as day and night but I love them and also have a brave watchdog-one hand high at the shoulder LOL) a Chihuahua with a long list of stuff to bark at. Thanks for sharing and happy new year,
    Jackie Griffey

  13. Jackie, how cute. We had a Chihuahua several years ago. She was a card. She would get near the horses and yep so the bigger dog would run the horses off. We didn't have the cats at the time so I'm not sure how they would have gotten along. Happy New Year to you too.

  14. Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know about the Cat Blogging.

    And glad you enjoy my Sunday Sillies kitties.

  15. Diane, you Sunday Sillies kitties and Weekend Cat Blogging go together like cake and ice cream. :) Hope you enjoy it. Lots of cute kitties there.

  16. Welcome Little One and Gum Drop to weekend cat blogging! We're happy to have such pretty kitties joining us and look forward to seeing more of you. Thanks for visiting Jules!

  17. Judi, thanks for dropping by. Enjoyed the Weekend Cat Blogging. I knew cats rule, but realize everyone else did too.


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