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Guest Blogger, Terry Spear

I'd like to give a warm and fuzzy welcome to author Terry Spear as the guest blogger at Thoughts in Progress today.

Wondering why fuzzy? Terry is the author of a werewolf series, as well as the creator of Wilde and Woolly Bears. It seems appropriate for her to be here today on a full moon to discuss werewolves. The fourth book in her werewolf series, "Legend of the White Wolf," is slated for release on Monday, Feb. 1.

Terry will be giving away a copy of "Legend of the White Wolf" to one lucky person who comments on her post between today and 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 5. The giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada residents. In addition, Terry will be dropping back by during the day to answer questions and respond to comments.

Terry can you tell us how werewolves fall under the heading of  "a Cad or a Dad?"

Thanks so much, Mason, for having me, and letting me talk a little about werewolves and their world!!

Most women, when asked, love to read about cads in romance stories—the pirate wanderer, the Highland warrior, the cowboy rustler. There’s something intrinsically exciting about someone who is involved in high stakes adventures, a little rough around the edges, and not one to settle down, that make us—sigh. But in reality, in real life, what they really want is a nice stable dad kind of guy.

But what about a hunky werewolf? 

He’s a mixture of both, don’t you think? He’s not a womanizer. Wolf morality gives him the necessary qualifications to stick by his mate through thick or thin. Wolf drives create a bond with his family, his offspring, so that he makes a darned good dad.

Even if he’s a little overbearing—a little possessive—a lot self assured, well, he’s also terrifically protective, and sexy, and committed.

You know, we can’t have everything, and trying to tame a wild wolf, is not in the cards. So if you want one--really, really want one--you’ll have to be every bit of a wolf yourself. He’ll love it, make your wildest dreams come true, take you places you’ve never been before. You’ll be ecstatic, feel as though you’ve harnessed the moon, released the more primitive side of your nature, and found heaven.

 So though the thought of having a cad as a guy in your life might not be a very good idea, a werewolf hunk could be. If he’s the right kind of werewolf hunk. You see, just like with human types, some werewolves are cads—bad, no-good types, who are just wrong for a woman. But a decent kind of a werewolf, well, he’s worth his weight, and then some, in gold.
In "Legend of the White Wolf," the fourth book in the werewolf urban fantasy romance series, the hero and heroine start out trying to solve a couple of mysteries, only they find themselves immersed in an even bigger mystery—the stuff of legends and myths.Only they become part of that whole world with no easy way out.

If you’re looking for a romance and adventure with a wolfish kind of guy in the dead of winter, check out "Legend of the White Wolf." Beware, you might just fall in love!

So what do you think? Want a hunk of a wolf? Thanks again, Mason, for having me! J

Well werewolves do fall under both headings, some are cads and some make wonderful dads. Thanks Terry for sharing this insight about werewolves with us.

For more information on Terry, her werewolf series, and the adorable Wilde and Woolly teddy bears she creates check out her Website at She also participates in the following blogs: Wickedly Romantic, Casablanca Authors, Fierce Romance, Shapeshifter Romance, and Romance Author, Terry Spear.
In addition, she can be found on Facebook.

Be sure to watch for werewolves tonight as there is a full moon and that sometimes brings them out. :) Do you think werewolves are cads or dads?


  1. I am really intrigued by this series. I don't usually read paranormal, but something about your previous review of one of Terry's books really peeked my curiosity. I saw Legend of the White Wolf at my local Barnes and Noble store last week - it's such an eye-catching cover!

  2. Thanks so much, Ingrid! I didn't realize it was out at B&N already! Hope you check out the series!

  3. I never really thought about that...werewolves could be the perfect mate! :)

    Really interesting series--thanks for the introduction to it!

    Mystery Writing is Murder
    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

  4. Werewolves could be the perfect mate for a girl, but not a guy. Too hairy. Probably would have bad breath too.

    Sounds like an interesting series. With all the recent interest to vampires I can see the market niche for werewolves.

    Stephen Tremp

  5. The nice thing about this series and question is that it's different. All you hear about in werewolf series is the cad part, but bringing in the dad part is something new.

    Straight From Hel

  6. LOL, yes, Elizabeth, they can be! :) Truly! :) Very loyal and committed! Thanks for saying hi!

  7. LOL, Stephen, too funny! Okay, devil's advocate here. Unlike with dogs, who don't brush their teeth, werewolves (in their human form) do. So, that means when they're in their wolf form, no bad breath--like dogs can have. We used to use Happy Breath on our dogs!!! So yeah, totally unappealing--if it was a dog, that is.

    As to the hairy part...*smile*, a werewolf woman is in great shape, and in her human form, not hairy. And when she's a wolf, she's a wolf with a magnificent coat of fur. And since you'd be a wolf too when frolicking with your mate (no horror kind of werewolf beasties here)...well, you'd be made for each other. :)

  8. Oh, I so agree, Helen! In wolf packs, the alpha pairs' pups are doted on by the whole pack. The alpha female is truly in charge when she's had her pups. :) The alpha male is only too happy to fetch for her and the pups and watch them when she has to get away.

    I've enjoyed including some of the dynamics between teen werewolves and the adults in a couple of my stories--showing how some teens have that alpha posturing. And with spring and rebirth, the mention of wolf pups and werewolf pups in my August release.

  9. a wonderful post...i am interested in reading this fabulous book...thanks for the opportunity


  10. HAHA, I loved this post today. Very funny and interesting comments. I've read all the Books is the series. And can really say. Woohoo, A werewolf would be a Awesome friend, playmate, lover, Dad, soulmate. If only we could all actually have our own warm and fuzzy mate. Full Moon, Last Night The wolves were howling already up here in Minnesota. Their howls carry in the cold night wind. So exciting and eery.

  11. KarenK, thanks so much! Good luck with the contest!

    Thanks, Diva Donna, for loving the books!!! If I heard wolves howling, it would be so surreal. I used to hear a lion roar. :) When I lived in Glen Burnie, suburb of Baltimore!

  12. I love werewolves. Who wouldn't love a hunky guy who comes with his own warm, fuzzy fur coat. Can't wait to get the next in the series.

  13. Yes, yes, Beth, to keep you nice and warm and protect and obey you...well, protect and love you for all eternity! :) Thanks so much for loving the series!

  14. I think it's the way you bring both parts into the characters that makes them so fascinating, and intriguingly "human." You appeal to both sides of the reader too.

  15. Interesting concept for a book. Very interesting.

    Marvin D Wilson

  16. Thanks, Sheila! It's fun showing the wolfish side of the character as a human, but still being "human" as they're wolves. A lady was talking to me about a potbellied piglet she just took into her family and how it just looks at her as if it understands everything she's saying to him, while he wags his curly-tail in excitement. We attribute human characteristics to animals all the time. So it seems only natural to do so for someone that wears a wolf coat on occasion!

    Hi, Marvin. Thanks! The first time Heart of the Wolf placed in a contest, the editor said she enjoyed the original twist on a horror story. So many stories are different versions of the same tried and true it was fun trying something new with this. Thanks for commenting!

  17. The series sounds like loads of fun! Sure sounds like you've blended all the elements together into a great story :)

  18. Terry, thanks so much for guest blogging here today. It's always interesting to learn more about werewolves since wolves are one of my favorite animals. I hope you'll come back again to talk about your Wilde and Woolly Bears, as well as your other series you write.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. Jemi, the series is very good reading. It's a blend of so much it will keep you guessing till the end.

  19. Thanks so much, Jemi! Yes, it is fun to blend in lots of elements! :) Thanks for commenting!

    Hey, Mason, I'd love to. Anytime! :) Thanks so much for having me. :)It was a lot of fun!


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