Saturday, January 2, 2010

Life Changing Event

Do you realize your life can change without your knowledge?

Life can be as normal as normal can be one minute and the next you’re wondering, “what happened,” “why did I do that?” Or worse, you’re asking yourself, “how could I have let this happen?”

Just a tiny bit of background before I explain. I love coffee. I drank it everyday and usually have two or more cups more than I should. Did I mention, I love coffee?

As the New Year began I allowed myself (with the permission of my two cats) the luxury of sleeping late. After waking, feeding the little darlings (the cats, husband was already out and about), I fixed my coffee and began my travel through blogdom (I like that phrase Elizabeth).

I made my usual stops along the way, spending a few minutes here and there.

I was surprised to learn I had won a Celtic Tapestry 4-CD box set of music from Midnight Moon Cafe.

I was delighted to see all the wonderful books coming in February thanks to Lesa's Book Critiques.

I was thrilled to learn the cover of  “Destiny of the Wolf” by Terry Spear had won “Best Male with Animal Cover” award at All Things Urban Fantasy. And that the cover is up for “Cover of the Year 2009,” which will be announced Jan. 8.

And the list goes on and on. I smiled, I laughed out loud, and I giggled at a quiz Michele offered. I learned I’m Cyclops when it comes to Mutant X Men powers.

So you get the picture of my travels throughout the blogdom. Life is normal you think. Wrong!

After about an hour of my travel through blogdom, I reached for my cup of coffee.

The cup was still ¾ full and it was COLD. So, you say. But you don’t  understand. I drink a third of the cup before I sit it down the first time. The cup is always empty before the liquid nourishment even gets luke warm.

To make matters worse, this was not a cup of coffee from my coffee maker. It was from my French Press that I treat myself to when I want the occasion to be special.

Still you’re probably shaking your head and saying, “okay go warm the coffee in the microwave.” Which, I did.

My life changed with that cup of coffee. My usual morning routine had always been done with coffee. Blogdom overcame my coffee fix. I was so caught up in my travels from one blog to the next, I forgot (oh, please forgive me) my coffee.

I’ve got to learn to type and travel through blogdom with one hand so I can hold my coffee with the other hand. I can’t forget my coffee again.

Hope this (a true story) brought a laugh or at least a smile to your face today. Thought I’d start the New Year off on a light note.

With that in mind, be sure to check back tomorrow to find out what high jinx Horace (an eight-inch, gray-stone gargoyle) is up to  when he helps out his friends - a witch and a were-border collie - in “Hex in High Heels” by Linda Wisdom.

Do you get lost when you're in blogdom? Do you forget your surroundings as you surf through the various favorite sites you marked? Do you have to limit your time in blogdom?


  1. It happens to me all the time! I now drink cold coffee. I don't care; it's coffee. I win. I'm glad I've found your blog (thanks for the link, Elizabeth and Margot) and I look forward to dropping by in this new year!


  2. Definitely have to have a time limit when I blog because there are just so many facinating blogs out there. Usually I set an hour to read and comment in the morning before I have to go and do something else and that works. Later on if I have a spare few minutes I'll read one or two blogs that I missed and really wanted to check out.
    Thanks for sharing this post. It was a great read.

  3. Thanks so much, Mason, for the Best Cover mention for Destiny of the Wolf! I didn't realize it was up for that until you mentioned it!!!

    Off to work, hoping you have a great weekend!

  4. Elspeth, welcome. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to you returning. I guess you're right cold coffee is better than no coffee at all.

    Cassandrajade, thanks. It looks like I may have to start limiting my time as well. I do get carried away with all the great sites.

    Terry, good luck with the cover award. It's a great looking book and should win hands down.

  5. Yup! I can get lost as well - the only difference is I don't drink coffee, but my tea gets cold too :)

  6. Jemi, I enjoy a cup of tea occasionally and can see where that would be as bad as cold coffee. Funny, I drink iced tea in the summer but hot tea in the winter.

  7. Mason - Those jolting moments certainly do bring one up short, don't they? As I read your post (and by the way, I've done the same thing more than once), I thought of how that happens so often in fiction. My genre is crime fiction, so I was thinking about how a character can be living her or his live, when all of a sudden, s/he finds a body, gets killed or gets arrested as suspect in a murder. Thanks for that reminder of that unexpected moment.

  8. Margot, it is interesting how that split second can change everything. In the case of finding a body, that would be life-altering.

  9. Hi, Mason and Happy New Year. I'm doing a virtual tour with pumpupyourbook and found you there. Enjoyed your 'cold coffee' smile - This is the most wonderful thing about writing and blogging, you meet so many interesting people.
    Have a great day,
    Jackie Griffey

  10. Jackie, thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to your guest post on Jan. 7 about "The Devil in Merrivale."

  11. Yes, I get so lost in Blogland that it can be an hour before I realize it then I am faced with questions: How did I get here? How do I get home? Where is Kansas (or Missouri in my case)? But Mason, to forget our beloved coffee? Well you are making me and Java shed a tear.

    Very funny story!

  12. Teresa, I know it's easy to lose our way while traveling in blogdom. But there is no excuse for forgetting my coffee. I can only hope that I can make it up some how. :)

  13. Yes. I have to compartmentalize my day or I'll just blog all day long and never get my writing and editing done. To the point I have taken internet out of my home. I go 2 or 3 X a day to the library or a wifi cafe to do my blogging and internet stuff in 1-2 hour segments, then back to task.

    Marvin D Wilson

  14. I understand getting lost in blogdom for this morning I was planning to write thank you notes to all the lovely people who offered me advice with my novelette (you included) but instead I signed in to my blog and got distracted by the updates on my dashboard. Pathetic really. Nonetheless, thanks for the laugh and the advice with with my novelette.
    Warm regards,

  15. Yep, all the time. In fact, I'm doing it right now as I visit other blogs and leave comments. Guess I should stop and feed the kids.

    Stephen Tremp

  16. Marvin, if I did that I would be in trouble. The closest wifi cafe to me is about a 40 minute drive. That's one of the downfalls of living in the country.

    Simone, you just reminded me I need to write thank you notes for some last minute Christmas gifts I received. As for your novelette, I love it. It transports the reader to a different time and place. For those who haven't stopped by Simone's site, please do so. You will enjoy the read.

    Stephen, depending on how old the kids are I find it's good for them to learn for themselves. :) You know, kind of teaches them new skills. Thanks for stopping in.

  17. I more than get lost in the blog world with a cold cup of tea. I am trying a new workout and it restricts you to two cups of tea with caffeine per day-I think I must drink about 6 so I need to enjoy the tea while it is hot.

  18. Esme, sounds like me and coffee. Without thinking I can go through an entire pot of coffee by myself, if I'm not careful.

  19. Hi Mason - Great post. I'll bet you are a fan of Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse mystery series like I am.

    I definitely have to limit myself in blogdom. There are so many great blogs out there with all these wonderful book recommendations. I will have to live another 50 years just to read them all!

    Happy New Year!

  20. LadyPI, you are so right. I now own a French Press because of the series. The Coffeehouse Mystery series also has a lot to do with this blog. In fact, I've got an article in the works that relates to Cleo, Elizabeth and the rest of the ladies at Mystery Lovers Kitchen. Thanks for stopping by.

  21. I definitely loose track of time when I surf through my blog list. I never used to be late for anything, and lately, I've been cutting it kind of close at times, realizing that it's time to leave the house while I'm still reading blogs, except - I'm still in my sweats! I probably should limit the time I spend on blogs, but then, I'd be missing out on so many wonderful new friends and so much great information, so that's unlikely to happen.

    As for the coffee part - not even blog reading comes between me and my morning cup of coffee. I've learned to travel one-handed....

  22. Ingrid, the one-handed way is what I've got to learn. Can't go without my coffee and I'm enjoying traveling through blogdom so much I can't seem to cut back there either.


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