Thursday, March 16, 2017

Facials Can Be Fatal by Nancy J. Cohen

◊ Series: A Bad Hair Day Mystery, Book 13
◊ Hardcover: 286 pages
◊ Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
◊ Publisher: Five Star Publishing (February22, 2017)
◊ Language: English
◊ ISBN-10: 1432832824
◊ ISBN-13: 978-1432832827


          During the frenzy of the December holidays, the last thing salon owner Marla Vail needs is a dead body slathered in a green facial mask at her new day spa. The victim, Valerie Weston, had been a major donor for Friends of Old Florida, a nonprofit historic preservation society. Marla's stylists are scheduled to work backstage at their upcoming gala fashion show, but Val's demise might put a crimp in their plans.
Hoping to salvage her reputation, Marla determines to track down the suspects. Although Val had been well liked by most people, she may have stumbled onto secrets that others would kill to keep. What are the connections between a greedy land developer, a dress designer whose husband may have links to the Asian mob, a mortician who might be involved in the human hair trade, and members of the nonprofit group's board of directors? Are the latter as dedicated to their cause as they'd like Marla to believe, or do they have their own self-interests at heart?
Sparks are sure to fly when this smart stylist joins forces with her sexy detective husband to solve a decades-old mystery that includes a secret journal, pirate tales, and shipwrecks along the Florida coast. With the rollercoaster excitement, you might need a trip to the day spa to relax.

Author Nancy J. Cohen once again takes readers on a tantalizing ride of mystery, murder, mayhem, and humor in FACIALS CAN BE FATAL.

This delightful story centers around a day spa facility, one place you might think of as being stress-free. Through rich details and vivid descriptions readers get the feel of the facility and the protagonist’s beauty salon, as well as the South Florida setting.

Cohen’s characters are quirky and well-developed, the type of friends you wish lived down the street. The setting quickly draws you in and the twists and turns hold you spellbound until the end. The author blends the murder mystery with family life and drama for a well-balanced story with touches of romance and humor.

New readers to the series aren’t left in the dark when reading this 13th installment to the Bad Hair Day Mystery collection. At the same time, Cohen doesn’t overdo the background so much returning fans are inundated with repetitive information.

FACIALS CAN BE FATAL is entertaining, intriguing, and captivating. You’ll never look at a cream facial mask quite the same ever again.

Facials Can Be Fatal by Nancy J. Cohen, A Bad Hair Day Mystery (Book #13), Five Star Publishing, @2017, ISBN: 978-1432832827, Hardcover, 286 Pages

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the author. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have you read any of the Bad Hair Day Mystery series? Do you enjoy stories where family life (the drama and all) is woven in with the mystery solving?


  1. It does sound like fun. The series is new to me - so thank you.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful review. I am glad you enjoyed the story.

  3. Hi Mason - love the title ... and I'm sure it's great mystery - the kind I enjoy to slip into occasionally ... nope I haven't read any Bad Hair Day mysteries ... my own hair is always a bad hair day - not a lot of it!

    Good luck to Nancy - it sounds like it will appeal to many and especially being part of a series ...

  4. Pirates and shipwrecks!
    I haven't read any of them but I remember you featuring this series before.

  5. A salon or day spa is a really interesting context for a mystery. One's really vulnerable there. And a salon owner is in a position to hear and see all sorts of things... Thanks for sharing, Mason.

  6. I like series where you can jump in at any point and not feel lost.

  7. Great review thank you! I love Mystery series I'm looking forward to this.

  8. This is a new series for me. Thanks for introducing us.

  9. The title alone sounds mysterious. Oooooo!!! -


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