Monday, March 27, 2017

100 Years in the Life of an American Girl

◊ Paperback: 336 pages
◊ Genre: Women in History, Family Relationships
◊ Publisher: SZS Publishing (December 24, 2016)
◊ Language: English
◊ ISBN-10: 0990452727
◊ ISBN-13: 978-0990452720


          Girlhood in America is a new and extraordinary look at American culture, with over fifty short personal stories by women and girls showing life as it was before age thirteen in every decade of a fast-changing century. Chapter by chapter, women and girls from around the country tell about the life and times of their preadolescent years in each of ten decades, from 1910 to 2010. Through the power of the personal, first-person narratives give an unprecedented look at the development of American culture and American women’s culture across a fast-changing century.
From life-altering inventions—like the Model T Florence’s father buys from a door-to-door car salesman in 1912—to the shifting social codes girls describe in the 1960s and 1970s, the book is a revealing look inside what’s universal and what defines a decade. Racism repeats itself in old and new ways, social change rolls out as families take new shape, and young girls help create American culture in the new millennium.
This is history in motion—entertaining, eye-opening, educational—a true story of America told in the truest of voices, with fascinating pop culture highlights, photographs, and popular girls' names from every decade. Have fun time-traveling!

If you’ve ever wondered what life would have been like had you grown up in a different decade, author Suzanne Sherman can give you some insight into that.

In her fascinating book - GIRLHOOD IN AMERICA: PERSONAL STORIES 1910-2010 - Sherman explores the changing (and unchanging) culture of your girls growing up in America. The 50-plus essays give us a glimpse of life before age 13 through the various decades.

These are amazing tales of how we have changed and continue to advance. These remarkable stories give insight into the way culture has developed and hopes and dreams bind us together.

To add depth to this impression collection, the author has also included tidbits of pop culture and the popular girl names of each decade. In addition, you can reminisce about popular television shows (after it was invented, of course), hit songs, and favorite past times.

This is a captivating book that will be enjoyed and savored by all ages for decades to come.

GIRLHOOD IN AMERICA: PERSONAL STORIES 1910-2010 by Suzanne Sherman, SZS Publishing, @2016, ISBN: 978-0990452720, Paperback, 336 Pages

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll give you a hint at the decade I turned 13 in, Clackers became a popular game and John Travolta danced his way into a lot of hearts. Do you remember the hit songs, new games, and/or popular TV shows of the era before you turned 13?


  1. History should be taught this way - rather than the rulers, dates and battles I grew up with.
    This sounds fascinating. And I hope it spurs readers on to wider exploration.

  2. And that was the decade of Star Wars and Jaws. Yeah, we're remembering the same one.
    Grateful I was born when I was.

  3. What a fascinating way to go about a book on history!! Lots there, I'm sure, both in terms of culture and in terms of history. Thanks for sharing, Mason.

  4. It sounds like a fascinating book. From not being able to vote to where we are now is quite the journey.

  5. That's a great book, one I'm thinking a lot of people should read.

  6. This actually sounds fascinating! I think we've all wondered how life might have been different if we'd been born in a different era.

  7. I agree with Stephanie. It's good to read about life in other eras.

  8. The span of time this book covers should provide some fascinating comparisons and contrast.

  9. What a cool idea!! This sounds like a lot of fun!

  10. What a great idea - and so fascinating to preserve a part of the culture.


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