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The Body in the Wardrobe by Katherine Hall Page

THE BODY IN THE WARDROBE by Katherine Hall Page
◊ Series: Faith Fairchild Mysteries (Book 23)
◊ Hardcover: 256 pages
◊ Genre: Cozy Murder Mystery
◊ Publisher: William Morrow (April 26, 2016)
◊ Language: English
◊ ISBN-10: 0062439502
◊ ISBN-13: 978-0062439505


          Minster’s wife, caterer, and part-time sleuth Faith Fairchild pairs up with Sophie Maxwell, last seen in Body in the Birches and now a newlywed living in historic Savannah, Georgia, where Sophie crosses paths with murder. Another delightful entry in the beloved mystery series, complete with delectable recipes.
          Attorney Sophie Maxwell has come to Savannah to be with her new husband, Will. But nothing throws cold water on a hot relationship faster than a dead body. Worse for Sophie, no one believes the body she knows she saw is real. Will is spending an awful lot of time in Atlanta on a case he claims is urgent, and she’s been tasked with house hunting for them with his former sweetheart, who Sophie can’t help but suspect wishes Sophie would return to her Yankee roots!
Fortunately, Sophie has a good friend in Faith Fairchild. With teenage Amy being bullied by mean girls and husband Tom contemplating a major life change that will affect all the Fairchilds, Faith is eager for distraction in the form of some sleuthing. In between discussions of newlywed agita, surprising Savannah customs and, of course, fabulous low country food, Faith and Sophie will pair up to unmask a killer!


Southern traditions take on a nasty role through the actions of a spiteful character in author Katherine Hall Page’s tantalizing new cozy mystery. Page has created her characters with flaws readers can relate to, as well as loathe. She’s made the characters genuine, realistic and well-rounded.

The charming Savannah setting quickly draws you in as the suspense builds and the tension of Southern customs mingles with Northern ways. Through vivacious descriptions, the author makes the city come alive on the pages as you’re wrapped in the rich historic ambience. The suspense is blended with notable delicious tidbits of the area’s cuisine.

Moving at a steady pace, the story takes readers on a journey of suspense, friendship, traditions, jealousy, and love. With twists and turns to keep you guessing, the story brings unlikely characters together to create a unique and strong friendship.

This is a story rich in history and traditions, loaded with insecurities and memorable settings, topped off with generous helpings of tasty dishes, hours of enjoyable entertainment and characters you’ll want to revisit again and again.

THE BODY IN THE WARDROBE can be read as a standalone. A nice combination of characters, setting and mystery will keep hold you captive until the very end.

The Body in the Wardrobe by Katherine Hall Page, A Faith Fairchild Mystery (Book #23), William Morrow, @2016, ISBN: 978-0062439505, Hardcover, 256 Pages

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Hope I’ve tempted you to check out this delightful cozy mystery. Are you a fan of this series? Do you enjoy it when an author combines two protagonists to work together in one storyline?


  1. Another series I had forgotten about. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Well, if it is the body of one of the inlaws....

  3. Can't get more Southern than Savannah. And the sleuth is the wife of a preacher? It probably doesn't go into any weird areas then.

  4. This sounds like a really interesting combination of context/setting and the mystery itself, Mason. Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Good review! It sounds like the author has created memorable characters.

  6. I love Southern stories! We went to Savannah last summer--very inspiring city.


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