Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Return of Anne of Green Gables

image001Are you a fan of Anne of Green Gables? Well if you are, you’re in for a treat come February.

Next month Sourcebooks kicks off the release of what the New York Times calls, “One of the most extraordinary girls that ever came out of an ink pot.” 

For the first time ever, the Anne of Green Gables series will be published in gorgeous new editions with an introduction from L.M. Montgomery’s granddaughter, Kate Macdonald Butler. 

Proud to be the new home for Montgomery’s classic novels that have touched the hearts of many, Sourcebooks will continue to publish several of her works throughout the Spring season.   

In celebrating this feat, Bookpage is hosting a contest for the Anne of Green Gables through January 31, where entries will have a chance to win the following:

pendant prize·         1 Grand Prize Winner will win 2 Tiffany & Co. sterling silver key pendants.
·         5 Second Place Winners will receive a full set of the Anne of Green Gables series from Sourcebooks Fire (6 books).
·         10 Third Place Winners will receive a copy of Anne of Green Gables.

Visit their website here for a list of official rules.  Submit your entries on the same page, or click here to enter.

Dive deeper into L. M. Montgomery’s world by “Montgom-ifying” your name, entering giveaways, downloading posters and excerpts and so much more right on the Anne of Green Gables page on the Sourcebooks website.  

        The dearest and most loveable child in fiction since the immortal Alice.” - Mark Twain
       “The books I read most as a child were by Lucy Maud Montgomery…” - Madeleine L’Engle

Thanks so much for stopping by today. If you’re an Anne of Green Gables fan, be sure to check out this giveaway. If you’ve not read any of this series, now is the perfect time to begin.


  1. I loved this series and the new covers are beautiful.

  2. Mason - That's most definitely a classic, classic series. It's good to hear it is being re-released. I hope a new generation of readers will fall in love with it.

  3. Ohhhh I LOVE Anne of Green Gables! When I watched the series NUMEROUS times on PBS, one of my favorite scenes was when the teacher misspelled Anne's name (she had spelled it with no "E") , Anne marched up to the board and with a flair, added her "E"..............that move, to me, summed up her pride and personality, sense of self........and that move is one I can so relate to having a name that isn't spelled "traditionally" Anne of Green Gables is the BEST EVER!!


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