Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Image, What Do You See?

Can you look at a photograph and see something different each time you glance at it? Do you sometimes make up a story to go with photos you find?

I took the photo below back in August of a lake near my home. It was taken just at sundown when mysterious things come out to play.


What do you see? What could be going on in this photo? Do you see the light? Where is it coming from and are there people there? What sounds do you hear? What does the weather feel like? 

Does this image inspire you write, relax or hide under the covers until daylight arrives? 

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope your day is a pleasant one filled with love and laughter.


  1. I do love pictures where I can see the sky and water at the same time. Love that I can see the light - I thought someone at home cooking with the family.

    I do think photos can be interpreted to your mood also, so yes, you can see different things at different times.

  2. Mason - What an interesting post, and a lovely 'photo. Even quiet scenes like this one can have all sorts of things hidden in them can't they? And even when a scene looks peaceful, you never know... Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are a wonderful photographer, Mason. This picture is eerie but beautiful. Pictures usually affect my mood in some way but I can't recall a time when one has inspired a story.

  4. What can I see? I see peace and tranquility.

    Gorgeous photo :)

  5. It does inspire my imagination. Beautiful picture and mysterious.


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