Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In The Beginning: The Cold Dish

When it comes to series, I normally like to read them in order. However, sometimes I’m introduced to a new series by the latest release which could be the first or the 20th. 

In the case of author Craig Johnson’s series, Longmire, my first real introduction to his series was book nine, A SERPENT’S TOOTH. Thanks to the lovely Angela at Penguin, I had the chance to go back and start at the beginning of the series with THE COLD DISH.

THE COLD DISH by Craig Johnson

Walt Longmire has served his time as sheriff of Wyoming’s Absaroka Longmire CoverCounty and is looking forward to retiring. Those plans are dashed when Cody Pritchard is found dead near the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.

Several years back, Cody and three other high school boys raped a local Cheyenne girl. They were only given suspended sentences for their crime. When a second boy turns up dead, it seems someone is seeking their own brand of justice for their actions. It’s up to Longmire to see that the cold dish of revenge isn’t served to the remaining boys. Helping him in his fight to save the boys is his deputy, Victoria Moretti, and his lifelong friend, Henry Standing Bear.

In THE COLD DISH, Johnson creates a realistic story that is filled with a cast of zany and likable characters. He balances a blend of humor, suspense, tragedy and hope for a well-developed story. 

Johnson’s vivid eye for detail enhances his descriptions as told from a law enforcement point of view. The back stories on each character adds to the overall plot as readers get to know them through Longmire. The interaction among the characters is plausible and draws the reader in. Their quick and witty dialogue will have you laughing at times.

The story flows smoothly and at a steady pace holding the readers attention from beginning to surprising end. THE COLD DISH is an appealing start to a series mystery fans have quickly followed.

Author Craig Johnson’s website is

The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson, A Walt Longmire Mystery, Penguin Books, @2012, ISBN: 978-0143123170, Paperback, 400 Pages

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Thanks for stopping by today. Do you have to read a series in order or do you just read whichever books are available and then follow up with the others?

**NOTE -- Author Cristiane Serruya was slated to be here today, but due to an oversight on my part she graciously reschedule. She will be joining us Aug. 3rd to talk about the second installment in her trilogy, TRUST: BETRAYED.**


  1. Mason - I think this is such an excellent series. I'm very glad you enjoyed this novel. To me, Johnson is so skilled at depicting the land and environment. Besides that, I really do like the friendship between Longmire and Henry Standing Bear. It's a great relationship and I think Johnson develops the characters effectively. Thanks for reminding me of this one.

    1. Margot, I agree that Johnson is very skilled at depicting the land and environment. He definitely places the reader in the middle of his scenes. I also like the friendship with Henry Standing Bear, quite intriguing.

  2. I haven't read any of the books yet, but I'm totally in love with the TV series. The characters and plot twists are awesome. It's a must-watch at our house!

    1. Carol, I just the opposite. I haven't watched the series yet but love the books. My husband loves the series but hasn't read any of the books yet. We have the bases covered I guess. :)

  3. I haven't read any of this series but love the TV version which I think is well cast.
    I rarely read a series out of order. Although most books are written so that they can be stand alone, I think you miss the character development.

    1. Ann, from the previews I've watched of the show I agree about the cast. Reading a series out of order does make you lose out on the characters growth and I think sometimes you miss out on some of the finer points the author doesn't include in every book.


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