Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let’s Talk

Do you ever have questions that ramble around in your head and won’t go away because there are no direct answers?

Sometimes I have the strangest questions pop in my mind and theystock-photo-thinking-woman-with-many-ideas-in-empty-bubble-on-grey-background-looking-up-with-finger-at-face-130656305 always lead to more. I call them my questions for the universe because there are answers to them, but they are so vast and numerous that they seem endless. They always remind me of the movie, You’ve Got Mail, where Meg Ryan’s character is sending Tom Hanks’ character an email and sends out a question into the vast universe without really seeking a direct answer.

I should be sharing a review with you today, but instead I’d like to share some of my universe questions to see if you have answers. Or perhaps you have your own universe questions you’d like to ask.

Here’s an example. Peeling potatoes the other evening for creamed (mashed) potatoes, I wondered why are there are so many black spots on the potatoes lately even though I’ve tried several different brands. What causes the black spots? Why do some call them creamed potatoes, while others call them mashed potatoes? How do the cooking shows always have potatoes with no spots? What if a cook got so upset with the spots that they targeted the potato company? Or what if they took their rage further up the chain and held the agriculture commissioner hostage until the spot problem was resolved? (Okay, so I need to cut down on the murder mysteries I’m reading and watch a bit less of NCIS, Castle, and Bones.)

Then there’s some news I read awhile back where scientists had finally been able to store computer files onto a strand of synthetic DNA. They put sonnets, Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, and more onto the DNA and then were able to retrieve it. 

I understand that that is a major breakthrough in the scientific field. However, what will that accomplish for the individual person? What good will it do us? Will this new discovery cure any of the diseases that plaque our lives? Will it help improve the lives of those less fortunate? I can, however, see this being a gold mine for mystery and sci-fi writers. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.

Then there’s the question of blog stats. On the blogger dashboard, it gives me one reading for the number of visits per day and other information. When I receive a blog stats weekly report, there’s totally different number for those days and for those activities. And still, another stat meter gives me completely different figures. How do I find an accurate number? Which stats do I believe? Are the stats really that important? And what are some of these stats and rankings different organizations ask for?

Next there’s technology. Why is it that as we advance with modern technology, we have to give up the technology we enjoy that still worksstock-photo-cd-vs-vhs-vhs-cassette-lay-on-the-many-cd-disks-98230553 good? We had to give up 8 track tapes for cassettes, then we had to give up cassettes for CDs. We had to give up VHS tapes for DVDs and to me it was so much easier to record and watch a VHS tape than it is a DVD. There was no waiting for the tape to load and when you put a tape in, it began where you left off when you took it out. 

Why can’t technology advance without destroying what it has already created? Why are we forced to change just because others want new gadgets? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for advancements in technology. I just don’t like being forced to make changes when what I like works for me. What about you? What about new computers not accepting the programs from the old computers?

And, have you ever considered how many bloggers there are and what type of blogs are floating around in blogdom for viewing? I wonder if there is a record somewhere of the numbers. There are so many different blog formats available - blogger, wordpress, etc. - how could anyone keep track? 

I blog for fun. I’m listening to Mary Kay Andrews’ LADIES' NIGHT and the protagonist makes her living as a lifestyle blogger. Can a person really make a living from blogging? Then I think about Ree Drummond (just one example) and how her blog, The Pioneer Woman, transformed into cookbooks and a TV show. So I guess you can if you have the right platform. Would you have ever imaged making money through blogging 10 years ago or even 5? Have you ever thought about making money with your blog? How would a person even begin to do that? Can it be done with a book blog or is it only lifestyle blogs? What qualifies as a lifestyle blog?

Now I come to some favorite, but difficult questions in my universe. books-pileWhich book do I read next? How will I ever get my ‘to be read’ stack down lower? Why are there so many wonderful books released at the same time? How can I possible read all of the intriguing books authors email me about? Can a person burn themselves out reading too much (oh, no tell me this can’t happen)?

Do you ever get that wonderful, but scary feeling when it comes to books? I’m not complaining, but I read and listen to books at the same time and still can’t get caught up. I’m thankful and delighted there are some many great books to check out. I do, however, feel bad when I have to refuse a review request because I’ve already scheduled reviews for the next 2 or 3 months and simply don’t have an opening to do another. And there are times I have to remind myself to take a step back and remember I started doing this because I love reading, not for the pressure of reading everything that’s out there (even though I want to read everything).

Well, I guess that’s enough of my universe questions for today. How about you? Do you have any questions that ramble around in your head searching for answers, knowing there’s no one answer but endless possibilities? 

Thanks everyone for stopping by today and visiting. I hope everyone is having a great Sunday and your Fourth of July holiday wasn’t rained out like ours was here in Georgia. Hug those you love (2 and 4 legged) and enjoy a good book - it’s one of the best ways to spend the day!!


  1. Mason - It's good to know I'm not the only one who asks questions. And I like the questions you've asked an awful lot. Much to think about! When I read the part of your post about putting files onto DNA, I wondered this: just because we can do something (i.e. we have the technology for it) does that mean we should>? Interesting stuff to ponder...

    1. Margot, I so like your question about does it mean we should do something just because we can. And with technology like this, you know there's someone out there that's going to find a 'very bad' way to use it. Definitely something to ponder.

  2. I'm glad you decided not to post a review today. This was so much fun. It made me smile. The one about blogging stats - I've given up looking at them. And I, too, wonder just how many bloggers there are out there, among other "universe" questions.

    1. Karen, I must admit it was a fun post to write and I'm glad it made you smile. I do get carried away sometimes with my 'universe' questions. Maybe somewhere along the way we'll discover how many bloggers there are.

  3. Now I'm pondering many questions that I had not thought of before. Sonnets on DNA really?
    I still haven't given up on my bulky radio/CD player which my grandchildren think is strange, but the cassette player had to go.
    I think you need to be a new character in my next book!!!!

    1. Ann, I'm still trying to figure out how to convert my cassettes to CDs. By the time I do, I'm sure we'll be listening to music on something different.

      I'd love to be a character in your next book. I could be the one who asks too many questions and winds up in trouble. :)


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