Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tuesday’s Gone, Fade To Black

I’ve been listening to a lot of audio books lately…in the car, while cooking and cleaning, doing yard work, just relaxing. I still enjoy the feel of a print copy of a book in my hands, but sometimes I need to be doing other things and an audio is the perfect way to ‘read’ and do what I have to do.

The two books I have to share with you today are both suspenseful and by authors I had not read before. One is a new release and the other is new on audio but a re-release of an older book. See audios also help you find books you missed that are ‘old but new again’ by being re-released.

TUESDAY’S GONE by Nicci French

Tuesday's GoneWhen it comes to psychological thrills and suspense, author Nicci French knows how to draw readers in with TUESDAY’S GONE.

Narrator Beth Chalmers does an excellent job giving voice to the numerous characters and bringing them to life. Her English accent adds to the feel of the story, as her cadence pulls listeners into the fascinating plot of twists and turns.

Making a routine home visit a London social worker finds her psychotic client, Michelle Doyce, serving tea to a naked, decomposing corpse. With no way to identify the man, Chief Inspector Karlsson asks psychotherapist Frieda Klein to see what she can make of Michelle’s confused ramblings.

In time Frieda learns that the man is Robert Poole, an extraordinary con man who has touched many lives. As she discovers more, Frieda begins to wonder if Poole’s death was an attempt by someone from her past to pull her into the investigation. She tries to put the pieces together to determine if she will be the next victim.

TUESDAY’S GONE is told from a number of viewpoints and time frames. With the switching back and forth from the heroine to an unknown person, place and time; I wasn’t sure it would be easy to follow. It was, however, and the more I listened the further I was drawn in wanting to know how the psychological puzzle fit together. 

The characters are well-developed and the story moves at a steady pace. Filled with suspense, just when you think you have something figures out the author adds a new twist will lead you in a different direction.

TUESDAY’S GONE is the second book in the Frieda Klein psychological thriller series by the internationally bestselling husband and wife writing team of Nicci Gerard and Sean French writing as Nicci French. While there are references to events in the first installment, BLUE MONDAY, readers/listeners will not be lost reading TUESDAY’S GONE as a stand alone.

This psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat and then eagerly WAITING FOR WEDNESAY.

Author Nicci French’s website is
Tuesday’s Gone by Nicci French, A Frieda Klein Novel, Performed by Beth Chalmers, Penguin Audio, @2013, ISBN: 978-1101605134, Unabridged, Digital Download, Listening Time: 12 Hours, 46 Minutes

FTC Full Disclosure - A digital download of this audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
FADE TO BLACK by Wendy Corsi Staub

Fade to Black coverAuthor Wendy Corsi Staub created a protagonist in Elizabeth Baxter that I both hated and loved. I hated her because she was continuously going over the same circumstances again and again in her head. I loved the character because those same flaws made her more realistic. Her fears were plausible and her actions what most of us would do in the same situation. 

Narrator Allyson Ryan brings the characters to life with her delightful interruption. Her vocalization of Elizabeth’s fear and concern places the listener along side the protagonist as she agonizes with her worries.

Elizabeth Baxter is paranoid. She doesn’t have friends, she doesn’t socialize, she doesn’t go outside her home unless she absolutely has to and then she wears dark sunglasses and constantly looks over her shoulder. In the sleepy little village of Windmere Cove, RI, Elizabeth is living in fear. If her past catches up to her, she’s a dead woman.

As she considers five years has been long enough and she can finally make a friend or two, it happens. A card with no return address, just the message that sends Elizabeth’s world into a nosedive - ‘I know who you are.’

In the past Elizabeth had been Hollywood’s hottest young actress Mallory Eden. At the height of her career, a mysterious stalker had entered her life making it a living nightmare. Feeling she had no choice, Mallory had faked her own death and began a new life as Elizabeth.

It appears the stalker has found her. Frightened, Elizabeth isn’t sure what to do. Should she trust the locksmith she recently befriended after her house was broken into or her neighbor the cop? The more she learns about each, the less she knows what to do.

FADE TO BLACK will hold you spellbound as you come to feel Elizabeth’s paranoia. The twists and turns will make your breathless as you try to figure out who the real stalker is and why. 

Staub has gone into great detail with her characters giving them both good and bad traits to keep you guessing. The story moves at a steady pace and is filled with an endless array of possible stalkers. This is a thriller that will have you second-guessing yourself.

Author Wendy Corsi Staub’s website is
Fade To Black by Wendy Corsi Staub, Performed by Allyson Ryan, Harper Audio, @2013, ISBN: 978-0062285133, Unabridged, Digital Download, Listening Time: 10 Hours, 32 Minutes

FTC Full Disclosure - A digital download of this audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Thanks so much for stopping by today. Hope your week is going okay so far. Have you given audio books a try yet? If so, what do you think? If not, why not?


  1. Mason - I like Nicci French's work and I can see how that story would keep the reader engaged. I'm less familiar with Wendy Corsi Staub, but the story certainly sounds suspenseful. And sometimes audio books are a really good way to experience a story - especially when one's busy doing several things at once.

  2. They both sound good, but I love psycho thrillers, so I'll put the first one on my TBR list.



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