Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet Shawlettes, Dark Rose

Here I come to you once again with books from completely different genres. Isn’t that the joy of reading though? You can be transported to so many places and learn much from the vast array of books available.

I know we all have certain genres we enjoy, but I have found interesting books when I’ve ventured into other unchartered genres. Plus, I’ve come across books I know family and friends will enjoy that I might not have known about otherwise. Even if you don’t read other genres, it’s fun to sneak a peek at what’s offered from time to time.


138715690The cold winter months seem to be the perfect time to brush up on your knitting and crocheting. It’s a time for making great gifts for family and friends, as well as a few accessories for yourself.

Renowned knitwear designer Jean Moss has put together 25 shawlette patterns to show how to knit these delightful little frocks in her book, SWEET SHAWLETTES: 25 IRRESISTIBLE PATTERNS FOR KNITTING COWLS, CAPELETS, AND MORE.

The patterns range from necklaces to collars, cowls and capelets. The pieces are budget friendly and easy to carry with you for portable projects. There are project for all levels of knitters from beginners to experts.

Moss has compiled the patterns into four chapters each reflecting a different mood. They include: Country - nature inspired using lace, appliqué and such; Couture - style with bold color, vivid enrelac; Folk - explores knitting traditions with plaid and patchwork; and Vintage - highlights fashion through the ages from Elizabethan neck ruffs to Wuthering Heights shawls to the glam of the 50’s screen goddesses.

Each pattern features detailed illustrations, charts and schematics. There are 45 beautiful color photos showing the finished projects. In addition, instructions are included for the special stitches. A number of the patterns also show ways to re-image the project.
This delightful knitting book will a great addition to your library or a wonderful gift for a friend.

Designer Jean Moss’ website is

Sweet Shawlettes: 25 Irresistible Patterns for Knitting Cowls, Capelets, and More by Jean Moss, The Taunton Press, @2012, ISBN: 978-1600854002, Paperback, 144 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
DARK ROSE by Erin Kelly

128453111Louisa Trevelyan goes to Kelstice Lodge to restore the gardens to their Elizabethan glory, but she’s also hiding a secret.

Young Paul Seaforth has been set to Kelstice Lodge to work while awaiting a trial. He must testify against his former mentor in a murder case.

Louisa, obsessed with a former lover, finds Paul the spitting image of her lost love. She is drawn to Paul despite the fact she is 20 years older than him and Paul is drawn to her.

The couple begins a love affair, both still haunted by their past which threatens them even now. Little by little, more is learned about each one’s past adding to the tense and building to a stunning ending.

Author Erin Kelly delivers an intriguing read in DARK ROSE. It’s a thriller with a dark romance that will hold you spellbound. The story is told from alternating points of view giving the reader insights into these compelling characters.

Author Erin Kelly’s website is

Dark Rose by Erin Kelly, Pamela Dorman Books, @2011, ISBN: 978-0670023288, Hardcover, 336 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Have you ventured outside your reading genre lately? Thanks so much for stopping by today. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Mason - Right you are that we can learn so much when we venture outside our favourite genres just a little. The book on crocheting reminded me that a long time ago I used to crochet very simple blankets. I haven't thought of doing that in years. One thing I like about it is that crocheting keeps your hands busy while you're watching TV - less snacking ;-).

  2. somebody should knit me a scarf, I have dozens of them, but it never seems enough :)

  3. I wear sweaters and toppers every day, always layering my clothes in the winter. I'd love to browse the Sweet Shawlettes for ideas. Now if only I knew how to knit :/

  4. Margot, I agree about crocheting (or knitting) does keep your hands busy when you're watching TV. That's one of the reason I enjoy audio books so too. I can 'read' a book and knit or crochet.

  5. Dez, if I was any good at knitting I'd do just that. I keep trying and maybe one of these days I can knit where all the lines are the same.

  6. Joanne, I will say SWEET SHAWLETTE will give you some great ideas about layer with sweaters and such. This is like a 'hope book' for me. I hope one day that I can knit like the patterns included. :)

  7. The Dark Rose was one of the books I really enjoyed - a dark romance. And something new, yes!


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