Friday, February 24, 2012

Jekyll Says..Good Deeds Cats Do That You Should Too!

Jekyll-Says coverCats are one of my weaknesses. They are so cute, loving and each has it’s own unique personality.

I’m always attracted to books that have cats on the cover and am delighted when there’s a cat in the story. Author D.C. Blackbird has just that kind of book with his latest children’s book, JEKYLL SAYS…GOOD DEEDS CATS DO THAT YOU SHOULD TOO!

Here are some highlights of the book
JEKYLL SAYS… is a series of amusing and educational poems told from the perspective of a wise and warm-hearted cat named Jekyll. Each perky poem epitomizes something about Jekyll’s vivacious personality and the lessons he teaches are designed to encourage people of all ages to be healthy and happy. 

The poems in JEKYLL SAYS… consist of rhyming couplets with equal syllables. They have a merry meter and rip-roaring rhythms which make them lively and lyrical and fun to read (or sometimes sing!) aloud. 

More than anything, JEKYLL SAYS… is perfect for cat lovers of all ages, as well as anyone who has ever known and/or loved a companion animal. This book is also appealing to those who desire a break from their busy lives and who want to read something that is joyous and uplifting. 

Profits from the sale of this book benefit animal adoption, care, liberation, rescue, and welfare organizations. For more on JEKYLL SAYS…, visit

Be sure to join me Monday, Feb. 27, when author D.C. Blackbird drops by to talk about how this book came about. Now here’s a cute book trailer for your enjoyment.


Do you enjoy books that feature animals in one way or another? Thanks so much for stopping by and sorry for my absence lately (life just gets a little hectic).


  1. Hi Mason .. I love rap when it's done like this .. it just gets one humming along .. and I'm sure there's much to offer.

    I like how the profits of the book benefit animals .. a good shout out -thanks Hilary

  2. This is a lovely book for children of all ages, including adults. You can't read this book and not smile.

  3. Mason - This sounds like such a terrific book, especially for cat lovers. And the rhyming idea is a really effective way to help children learn and practice language. What a great choice to feature on your blog :-).

  4. This looks like a very entertaining book.

    I love cats (and dogs) too.


  5. How cute!

    Turn your weakness into your strength, I always say, For cat lovers this book would be exactly that.



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