Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FOOL FOR LOVE by Eloisa James

9780062195975Being a big fan of audio books, I not only enjoy the convenience of them but the fact that they bring previously published books to my attention as new releases.

Such is the case of author Eloisa James’ book, FOOL FOR LOVE, the second installment in her Duchess Quartet Series. I had listened and enjoyed the first installment, DUCHES IN LOVE, so I looked forwarded to continuing the story which is set in England.

While the story does begin by catching up with Lady Esme Rawlings and her condition, it focuses more on her nephew, Simon Darby. If Esme’s baby is a male, he will be her late husband’s heir and Simon will be without his inheritance.

Believing his aunt isn’t really with child, Simon leaves London for the country estate where Esme is to see for himself. But Simon doesn’t travel alone. He has to care for his two small stepsisters since the death of their parents.

Simon is convinced not only of Esme’s condition, but that the baby is indeed his uncle’s child. It doesn’t even bother him that Esme’s former lover, Sebastian Bonnington, is masquerading as the gardener. 

Simon decides he must marry to have a mother for his sisters and there is the matter of no inheritance coming his way. But Simon isn’t as needy as everyone thinks. He has a secret that even his best friend, Lord Rees Godwin, doesn’t even know.

Simon is taken with Lady Henrietta Maclellan though she is unlike any woman he has ever known. Henrietta feels she is not available to marry because she has a weak hip and has been told she can’t bear children because of her condition. Henrietta finds herself drawn to Simon and having dreams she’s never imaged before.
A love letter Henrietta writes herself as Simon comes into play and society of the day demands they marry. The events that follow are funny and heart-warming as the couple tackles marriage and two youngsters.

Author Eloisa James gives vivid descriptions of the English society of this era, along with the landscape and the residents. Readers/listeners find themselves drawn back in time of genteel ladies, grand parties, and noble gentlemen.

There is no other narrator I could image for this book and series than Justine Eyre. Her wonderful English accent draws the listener in as she brings the characters to life. She creates a distinct and unique voice for each character. Her interruption of James’ work adds another layer to the story.

There were some unanswered questions at the end of the story that will hopefully be answered in the remaining installments which I look forward to. FOOL FOR LOVE is still an enjoyable listen filled with historical tidbits and a steamy romance. This is a stand alone book, but listeners/readers will have a better understanding of all the characters if the series is read in order.

Author Eloisa James’ website is

Fool For Love by Eloisa James, Duchess Quartet Series, Read by Justine Eyre, Harper Audio, @2012, ISBN: 978-0062195975, Unabridged, Digital Download, Listening Time 11 Hours, 22 Minutes 

FTC Full Disclosure - This digital download audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. 

Do you enjoy books that carry a few characters from one book to the next? Thanks so much for stopping by today. 


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  3. Mason - This sounds like such an "atmosphere-y" historical story. I like it when authors take the time to "do their homework" and create a setting that really takes the reader to that time.

  4. I do enjoy seeing familiar characters move from one story to another and do it myself when writing. In my next story, one character from Whole Latte Life does overlap into it.

  5. That's smart they got someone with an English accent to narrate - makes it sound all the more real.

  6. Yes, I love books that carry over a few characters. I'm trying to write one now :)

  7. I am sometimes in the mood for a steamy romance like this one.


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