Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have two intriguing stories to share with you today. First up is all about cowboys and Christmas, followed by secret journals and a tropical island.

Author Carolyn Brown has a wonderful flare for writing about cowboys, country living, and the bonds of family and friends.

Each of her books creates new characters for readers to enjoy, as well as resurfacing a few favorites from prior adventures to tie everything together.

Her latest book in the Spikes and Spurs series is DARN GOOD COWBOY CHRISTMAS. In this installment, Brown focuses on Raylen O’Donnell, the brother of Rye from LOVE DRUNK COWBOY. She introduces Lizelle Hanson as the love interest.

The traveling carnival has been a way of life for Liz and her family for generations. Only her Uncle Haskell has put down roots. Each Christmas Liz has wished for a house that didn’t have wheels and a sexy cowboy. This may be the year her wishes come true.

When her uncle moves to take care of his ailing father, he gives his house and 20 acres to Liz. She has until spring to see if she really wants to settle down. If not, her neighbor Raylen wants to buy the place.

Raylen remembers being drawn to Liz when they were teenagers and she visited her uncle. Now grown up, Raylen soon finds himself head over heels for the fortune teller. Liz remembers the attraction too and finds herself falling hard for Raylen.

The courtship of the two is fun, intriguing and romantic. The great supporting characters add depth and realism to the story. While the focus is Raylen and Liz, there are several secondary attractions going on that adds to the lively mix. In the end, there’s more than one wedding to celebrate in this book.

The story flows smooth and once you start, you can’t put it down. Brown has once again delivered a well-rounded group of characters you will wish were your neighbors.

This is a stand alone book, but after you meet the O’Donnells you’ll want to know more about them and their friends. The next installment is ONE HOT COWBOY WEDDING slated for April 2012.

Author Carolyn Brown’s website is http://carolynlbrown.com/

Darn Good Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown, Spikes and Spurs Series, Sourcebooks Casablanca, @2011, ISBN: 978-1-4022-6157-2, Paperback, 384 pages

FTC Full Disclosure - I requested this book and it was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

TWIST OF FATE by Jayne Ann Krentz

Hannah Jessett once thought of being an anthropologist like her aunt, the legendary Elizabeth Nord, but became a guidance counselor instead.

When her brother’s company is threatened by the renown entrepreneur Gideon Cage, Hannah decides to step in. She talks Cage into a game of cards in Las Vegas where she cheats to win. Afterwards, she discovers the game was useless as Cage had other plans for the company all along.

Cage finds Hannah fascinating and follows her back home to Seattle. There he finds her on her way to close the estate of her late aunt on a tropical island. He decides he needs a vacation and goes with her.

Hannah comes into possession of a necklace passed through the generations and numerous unpublished journal of her aunt’s. The journals detail her studies that stunned the world with her revolutionary discoveries.

As she goes through the journals, Hannah finds there are people willing to kill to see her aunt’s personal papers. In addition, she has to deal with her feelings for Cage and a sudden desire to become as powerful and independent as her aunt was.

Nellie Chalifant does a wonderful job wit the narration and brings the characters to life.

TWIST OF FATE is filled with tension, suspense, romance, and mystery.

Author Jayne Ann Krentz' website is www.amandaquick.com  

Twist of Fate by Jayne Ann Krentz, Read by Nellie Chalfant, Brilliance Audio, @2011, ISBN: 978-1441884961, Unabridged, 9 Discs, Listening Time: 10 Hours 3 Minutes

FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

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  1. Mason - Thanks for these two reviews. Twist of Fate sounds like a really suspenseful read! And I love that connection between past and present...

  2. Thanks for the reviews. It's that time of year when it's the perfect weather for settling in with a good book.

  3. Great reviews. Thanks. I've been reading two books. Just finished one and am halfway through another.


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