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Author Kathryn Handley: Writing From A Certain Perspective

It’s my pleasure to welcome author Kathryn Handley here today as theFront_Cover special guest blogger as she makes a stop on her WOW (Women on Writing) virtual blog tour with her current release, BIRDS OF PARADISE.

Kathryn has joined us to talk about ‘Writing…from a certain perspective.’

Wow, this is a broader subject than I perceived when I chose it. I’d like to start with a couple of questions.

Do you know what your perspective is … in life, in spiritual matters, in the dreaded subject of politics, in parenting, in love and caring? Do you know what has influenced you over the years (7 decades in my case)? How has your perspective changed and what people and events have contributed to these changes? 

Now that I’ve got you thinking about your own perspective, I’d like to share my points of view on a writer’s perspective. 

A writer consciously or subconsciously uses his/her perspective in the choice of subject, fiction, non-fiction or poetry. The choice means that the writer has something to say on the subject. The wonderful expansion of blogs speaks to the importance of an individual’s perspective. Entering a writer’s blog can educate you in so many areas and it can provide a window into his/her soul. Readers gain insight into a myriad of subjects, people, and passions.

First, when considering writing from a certain perspective, I thought about my  age - writing as a senior lady. Then I realized that my perspective has resulted from experiences, reading and changing attitudes and has been influenced by present younger perspectives, such as those from my children and grandchildren. An individual may keep eyes and ears open to nuances in family and our society in general. 

Author PicMy perspective had been greatly influenced by my grandson, Eric, who has cerebral palsy. Every day I learn about his challenges and express gratitude for his parents, nurses, teachers and friends. 

Older women who have something to say have many venues besides simple conversation. I’m interested in all sorts of communication through classes, meetings, and the Internet that broach all aspects of womanhood, and therefore, humanity. Our heroines challenge us to grow. Mine include my mother, my daughters, the Virgin Mary, Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelo, and closer to home, moms of special needs children.

Many young women have older and wiser women, who help them through the complexities in life. A favorite of mine is Sandra. She is a beautiful, caring woman, older than my daughter and younger than me and a role model. We “ask Sandra” when perplexed with a problem, as small as a stain on silk and large as financial planning or a rift in the family situation. 

There you have it – a few thoughts on perspective. Think about yours and have a lovely day. Warmly, Kathy.


Kathy, thanks so much for guest blogging and sharing your perspective on writing. Sometimes I think we would be surprised if we just stopped and really thought about who does influence daily.

Now here’s a brief synopsis of Kathy’s book: When trucker Joe-Mack picks up a runaway in Vegas and drops him in Hollywood, he leaves him with a phone number—just in case. When the call comes, Joe becomes embroiled in Freddie’s life and the search for Starlet, the homeless girl who desires stardom. The three share a common search for love and for a place to belong.
With vivid imagery Handley tells a tale of dreams lost and found, of broken hearts and edgy situations. This is a story of life on the street. Handley’s characters meet life head on, taking risks and maintaining thin threads of dignity amidst troubling situations with surprising twists along the way. 

A bit of background on Kathy. Her grandfather entertained his family with stories and dancing, her father quoted Shakespeare and her mother was known as “Mary the Poet” so naturally she would become a writer…eventually! Now a published novelist at age 71, Kathy’s short fiction has appeared in many literary magazines. She recently won Word Hustler’s Page-to-Screen Contest (2011) and currently serves as Prose Poetry Judge for the National League of American Pen Women Soul-Making Contest. A collection of her work will soon be released under the title A World of Love and Envy (short fiction, flash-fiction, and poetry). 

For more on Kathy and her writing, check out her website at

Who influences you daily? Have you ever considered that your actions influence others? Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Kathy, thanks again for guest blogging here today. Wishing you much success with your writing.

  2. Mason - Thanks for hosting Kathy.

    Kathy - Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what your perspective is and how you developed it. I think all writers are influenced by their backgrounds, their stages in life and so on. And it is helpful to reflect on what it is that affects us as people and writers. I wish you much success.

  3. It's interesting to think of perspective this way. It really does give an indication of an author's background or experiences and can even add that layer to the story. Best wishes with your book ...

  4. I'm very aware that my actions represent me and can be an influence on others.


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