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Mary Wine - Guest Blogger

Please join me today as I welcome author Mary Wine back as the special guest blogger here at Thoughts in Progress as she makes a stop on her virtual blog tour.

Mary’s latest release is HIGHLAND HELLCAT, the second installment in her sexy Scottish Highlander trilogy. Thanks to Mary and Danielle at Sourcebooks I have 2 copies of HIGHLAND HELLCAT to giveaway today to 2 lucky visitors who comment on Mary’s post between now and 8 p.m. (EST) on Monday, Oct. 25. Be sure to include your e-mail address in your comments if it’s not included in your profile.

With her extensive research and love of period attire in writing her trilogy, I ask Mary if she could live in any era which would she pick.

If I could live in any era?

Oh my…that brings up such wonderful possibilities. I’m not sure I could choose. I adore the current time, hey music at our fingertips, dentists and fresh food all year round. What’s not to like? But I wonder if the future would hold cures and easy fixes for aches and pains and sports injuries…now that sounds grand. But there is also something to be said for the style of eras past.

I believe I would have loved to see the wonderful colors of the courts of Henry XIII. The pageants performed for him and the feasts laid out on the grand tables. People must have enjoyed the banquets more because it was the only place there was music and dancing and entertainment. It must have been something you looked forward to because the rest of the nights were quiet, unless you played an instrument yourself and could afford the time to practice. Life took a lot more out of your day back when you had to sew your clothing, sometimes weave the cloth.

Another time period I think of is the Titanic era. What a stately time. I’m not drawn to it just because men were gentlemen…but because women were ladies…not always a simple thing. If you want a man to open a door for you, you’ll need to give him the opportunity by not reaching for it. This was also a period of men
challenging the elements. Yes, the Titanic sank but she wasn’t the worst disaster of the period, simply remembered because of how many high society passengers were on her. But the engineers who dreamed her up were visionaries and laid the ground work for the comforts we have today.

Lastly, I’ve got to say I adore the Celtic Highlanders. They must have been a sight, coming down from their highland strong holds when the time was right. These men had strong spirits, which is something I admire.

What would I have been? I doubt an author, although in the first two periods every lady was expected to keep up correspondence for the family. Most likely, I would have been a seamstress. Fabric fascinates me and I love constructing garments. Writing HIGHLAND HELLCAT was great fun because I was able to put to use some of my knowledge of period attire and custom. I do read history for fun but it’s always a challenge to find anyone willing to listen to me babble about the way women dressed four hundred years ago. HIGHLAND HELLCAT allowed me the chance to use some of that knowledge and it was great!

I hope you all enjoy it. Drop by my website for excerpts of HIGHLAND HEAT…coming your way in March and to see what else I’ve got releasing soon.

Mary, thanks again for stopping by today. It is fun to think about what era we would live in if given the chance.

Here’s a brief synopsis of HIGHLAND HELLCAT - He wants a wife he can control…
Connor Lindsey is a Highland laird, but his clan’s loyalty is hard won and he takes nothing for granted. He’ll do whatever it takes to find a virtuous wife, even if he has to kidnap her…

She has a spirit that can’t be tamed…
Brina Chattan has always defied convention. She sees no reason to be docile now that she’s been captured by a powerful laird and taken to his storm-tossed castle in the Highlands, far from her home.

When a rival laird’s interference nearly tears them apart, Connor discovers that a woman with a wild streak suits him much better than he’d ever imagined…

For a little background on Mary. She is a multi-published author in romantic suspense, fantasy and western romance; now her interest in historical reenactment and costuming has inspired her to turn her pen to historical romance. She lives with her husband and sons in southern California, where the whole family enjoys participating in historical reenactment. For more information, please visit her website at


  1. Mary, your books are on my To Be Read List, but as yet I haven't gotten one. I know, I know, shame on me.

    I love that you can make period dresses. Takes a knack. My mom and I have shared making patterns to make RenFaire things and I've made costumes for the Highland Games. Lots of fun, but thank god for sewing machines because the time involved in doing it by hand, man it's mind boggling. Besides, very few people can sew a line that won't rip out at the first movement. Not easy. Yes, I can sew a straight and durable line without a machine, lol!

    Mason, thanks for having the ever so fascinating Mary on your blog. :-)

  2. Mary Wine ... Highland Hellcat ... sounds like one esciting lady. Best wishes for your success!

    Stephen Tremp

  3. Thank you Mason for hosting Mary.

    Mary, if you made the dress you are wearing, you are one hell of a seamstress.

  4. What a gorgeous costume you've got on! Love those Renaissance clothes.

    I love the IDEA of living in other eras...especially the ones you've mentioned. But what would I do without my internet? :) I'm addicted...

  5. Interesting interview and a nice question. I love the outfit she chose for the picture. Yes, it looks as if Mary is ready for that era.

    Thanks for another nice post.

  6. Mary, thanks so much for blogging here today. It's fun learning about the different eras you enjoy.

    Sia, you never fail to amaze me. A seamstress, WOW. Me, I prefer to sew by hand (not that a do very much) there's just something about my fingers and sewing machine needles.

    Stephen, thanks for stopping by.

    Rayna, that is a beautiful dress she has on.

    Elizabeth, I agree we'd all be lost without the internet it seems. LOL

    Lou, thanks for stopping by. Mary's outfit does suit her question.

  7. Cool dress, Mary, and the book sounds very cool too. Looks like you really got into the feel of the era.

    Mason, thanks for hosting.

  8. If I could zip back and forth in time, that might be fun. Now I must rely on books :)

  9. That costume is absolutely gorgeous. I've always wanted to wear one of those tight-waisted, flounched out ball gowns like Deborah Kerr wore in The King and I. This is a delightful interview. Thanks Mary and Mason.
    p.s. I love the Scottish Highlands. Went there last fall and fell in love with it.

  10. I love the time we live in but I think it would be cool to be able to go back in time to visit other eras. Great guest post.


  11. That sounds like a great novel and a really fun read. Thanks for posting about Mary and her book! I can't really decide which time I'd like to live in. I love modern plumbing too much.

  12. What a great question to get an author going, Mason! I love this one. And your answers, Mary, are divine. These eras are truly fascinating, but challenging in their own ways. I'm sure, as you research your own historical fiction, you are struck by the true hardship of living hundreds of years ago.


  13. whee! That looks like a fun book... You know, I'd have to stick to our time just b/c of all the modern conveniences... AND we get to dress up, imagine, pretend through books~ :D good stuff, Mas~

  14. Mason, thanks for having Mary over. I now have another author/book to look for.

  15. I don't know if I would want to live in any other era for an extended period of time but it does sound like fun to visit. Mary's book looks like a good story.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  16. Love the great dress you’re wearing in the photo. It is fun to fantasize about living in another era, but since I really like modern conveniences, I think I’ll stick to this one.

    The books sound like a fun, well-researched series. Good luck with the tour.

  17. The book series looks wonderful. The tidbit about historical reenactments was very interesting! Do you reenact a particular time period (ie the one you like writing about!) or various events? I'm glad it's a family venture, sounds very cool.

  18. I think I'd like to live during the Medieval period. My first husband was a scholar of this time period, and I once took the medieval course that he taught. Fascinating period.

    Highland Hellcat sounds intriguing also. I'd love to read it.

    Thanks you, Mason, for hosting such wonderful writers and promoting (and giving away copies of) their books!

  19. Thanks everyone for stopping by today. Always glad to host a fun author like Mary and share her intriguing book with you.

  20. Hi Mason and Mary .. interesting post .. finding out more about the Scottish Lairds .. I guess you'll be enjoying the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in four years - with lots of kilts around?!

    Choose when to live .. - Mary .. I'm with you today I think .. but it is cheating probably - we have it so good ..

    We're learning about our past - will it be quick enough, and will we save enough ..

    Enjoyed the meeting - thank you .. Hilary


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