Thursday, June 3, 2010

Read, Read, Read

How many books do you read at one time?

Normally I read only one book at a time. Sometimes I do read two if I’ve left the book I was reading at one place and I have a second book with me and have time to read.

I have a friend, well she was my Mom’s best friend and now she’s like a second Mom to me. She loves to read. 

She reads multiple books at a time. She has one book in the bedroom, a different book in the living room, another in the kitchen and one at her place of business. This lady is 80 years old and can run circles around me and I’m not just talking about her reading ability.

I’ve been listening to David Baldacci’s DELIVER US FROM EVIL in the car and reading Ashlyn Chase’s STRANGE NEIGHBORS. Yesterday I started my third book, Emeril Lagasse’s FARM TO FORK, COOKING LOCAL, COOKING FRESH. I just got it and couldn’t help it, I had to start reading it.

These books are completely different genres so it’s easy to keep the characters straight, especially in Emeril‘s book. :0

I have to say I’ve read more books in the past few months than normal and I love it. There are so many wonderful books out there and so many great new ones being added daily.

I have to give Dru at notes from me a huge “WAY TO GO” because in May Dru read 20 books. To me that’s amazing.

How many books are you currently reading at one time? Do you like to read different genres at the same time?

(On a separate note, I tried to drop the word verification on the comments, but in the short few hours I had it turned off I received numerous spam comments on older post. So I've put it back on, sorry.)


  1. I LIKE to read one at a time, or one fiction and one non-fiction, but lately I seem to start many at once (maybe because the Kindle puts the whole library at my fingertips at any given time and I'm indecisive).

    Reading one novel at a time pushes me to finish so I can read the next one - I'm very good at buying multiple novels at a time ;-)

    I also had the word verification problem, received porn spam so put it back on.

  2. I often have multiple books going at a time- one is the book I read at home (at night), often there is another for snatched moments (waiting in a queue, etc), and sometimes, I also have another book which I read before going on so I can dip into it when I feel like it.

    And the trick with word verification seems to be to turn it on for posts older than four days, because that is where spam generally hits. But I may be wrong in thinking that.

  3. I read one maybe two books at a time. I am curious to hear your review of Emil's book.

  4. Thanks Mason. I just love to read and it relaxes me.

    I read one book at a time, sometimes two, but not in the same genre.

    I moderate my comments after 4 days but keep the word verification because of the spam. Lately I'm getting comments in foreign language and those I delete.

    Have a good Thursday.

  5. I usually read one book at a time, unless there's a book I NEED to read (book club, book I'm blurbing, etc), then I'll read it along with a book I've chosen to read.

    I won't read 2 books in the same genre at the same time. I'm easily confused. :)

  6. Depends what I'm reading for. I usually have the one book I'm reading just for the fun of it, one that I'm reading because someone told me "You have to read this" and one that I'm reading to see if it has any material I can use for work. That said, I prefer to just read one and really enjoy it. The other types of reading tend to be for purposes other than fun.

  7. oh sometimes I'm reading four or five at once and I'm always listening to one in the car (E. Annie Proulx right now) I have a bunch of writing books that I keep near to keep me energized and also dharma books (Buddhist writing). I'm reading an old Elizabeth George - I never remember who did what so I can read again - as well as her book on writing so that is helpful. I don't like to read the genre I'm currently writing as it causes too much envy!

  8. My ADD prevents me from reading one book at a time. I usually have two or three. It's not hard to keep up. Just think of it as keeping track of more than one TV show.

    Thanks for letting me tell this "secret". :)

  9. Mason - Interesting question. I usually read one at a time. I like to savor my books, so I don't juggle more than one if I can avoid it. There are times, though, when I juggle books. That usually happens if I'm reading a library book, say, that has to be returned, while at the same time, start a new book that someone's just sent me and that is just begging to be read. That's the exception for me, though, not the norm.

  10. I generally read one book at home - and I have another I'm reading at school with the kids. If I do have more than one - I prefer them to be different genres.

    For the spam stuff - I turned on comment moderation for any posts over a few days old. That way you can eliminate the spam before anyone sees it.

  11. Charmaine, there are times when I won't let myself start another book until I finish what I'm reading too. I guess I read in 'moods' and when the mood changes I want to change book genres.

    Rayna, I hadn't thought about turning the verification on for older post. I'll check on that, thanks.

    Esme, I think Emeril's book is one you would really like.

    Dru, I'm in awe of your reading. My spam lately looks like links to sites of some sort. Have a great Thursday and I hope you find the restaurants you're looking for.

    Elizabeth, I tried reading two similar books once and write my reviews. When I went to recheck my facts, I had completely swapped the characters. LOL I quickly learned not to read similar books at the same time.

    Cassandrajade, your way of reading multiple books sounds a little like what I do from time to time.

    Jan, you made me realize I'm always 'reading' two books because I constantly have a book playing in the car no matter what else I'm reading.

    Teresa, I promise I won't tell your 'secret.' :) I like your comparison to TV shows.

    Margot, it is hard not to start a new book someone sends you even though you're already reading a good book.

    Jemi, reading different genres does help. It's like having several new groups of friends you're keeping up with. I hadn't thought about turning the comments off for older post. I'll check into that, thanks.

  12. I often read more than one book at a time. Why? Because some are gobble down books and some are meant to be digested. I also do a lot of editing work and read their novels as well.


  13. I usually read two or three books at a time - something for pure entertainment, something related to cats, pet health, pet behavior, etc., and usually something about spiritual topics or personal development. I've tried to read two or three of the same genre at the same time, but I get too confused, especially with fiction, with what characters belong in what book.

  14. I used to be like your friend - I had books all over the house and in the car that were being read. I now read one. I could read more than one if they were totally different genres and if I had more time to read!

    Sorry about the spam. I totally understand. I had to put the squigglies on my blog and hated to have to do it.

    Straight From Hel

  15. Clarissa, I'd never thought of it that way but you're right. Some books can just be 'gobbled' down quickly while others take a little longer.

    Ingrid, it is more fun to read different genres as once than from the same genre.

    Helen, time is the key. I guess that why I tried to read so much at once. Spam is definitely a 'very bad thing.'

  16. I read one book at a time. It feels like if I tackle more than that, I'll never finish either! Right now, I'm actually between books, and reading a magazine :/

  17. I prefer one at a time, but often I'll have one print book and another one going on my e-reader. I like total immersion in the characters, so switching gears can bother me.

    But if they're totally different, I could see juggling one or two more.

    My reading time has been cut back with our move, but I used to read 2-3 books a week. Also depends on the genre. Some are much faster reads than others.

  18. I read MANY books at one time. I have them stationed in multiple places, including one in my backpack and one my car in case I'm stranded or have to wait at the doctor's office or something. I rarely have trouble picking up he thread of the book once I get started again, even if it's been a while, but if it's too long, I start over.

    I got a wonderful gift pack from Sabrina! Thanks for your blog that makes this possible! It came for my birthday! YAY! So far, all I got for my birthday was books--three from each of my daughters and one from Sabrina.

  19. I'm looking forward to getting your lists of books from Goodreads! I only read one book at a time. But I read fast, so in a week I can often get 3 read if I don't have a lot going on. (evenings in bed reading, pure heaven) And I want to be like that 80 year old woman! My greatest fear is that my eyes will fail me as I age and I won't be able to read or write.

  20. I usually have half a dozen books going at once. One is a cookbook by my chair to flip through when things get boring on the news, a couple of novels on the bedside that satisfy different moods, something serious/literary/political, and at least two or three books around the house that qualify as "research" but are still fun reading.
    Hearth Cricket

  21. I'm usually a one-at-a-timer. Sometimes two if my daughter and I are fighting ... errrr ... sharing a book. I need something for when she's using/hidden the book.

  22. Oh goodness! I'm reading eight right now! I do a bit each day, if I cam. That doesn't include everything I'm reading for college.

    I made a pact to read 100 works of literature by 2015, and I feep adding to the pile!!


    - Corra

    from the desk of a historical writer

  23. Forgive the typos. The keyboard has a mind of its own.

  24. I generally read one at a time, but if they're different genres I'll work my way through a couple simultaneously. Lately, I'm ashamed to admit I've been reading very little beyond books I've already read simply for comfort. There's just something about the tried and true during times of stress.

  25. ah, I wish I could have enough time to read many books at the same time. Because of my job, I usually don't have the time to read anything but the book I'm translating at that moment. And after spending 8-10 hours with a book in your office, you don't really have the strength to read for fun as well. I'm very sad it's like that :( And I envy you because you can read so many books, you can have all these lovely giveaways ....


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