Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guest Blogger, Marie Force

Please join me in welcoming author Marie Force as the special guest blogger here today at Thoughts in Progress.

Marie is the author of FATAL AFFAIR, a romantic suspense that was just released yesterday by Carina Press. Marie is joining us today to share her thoughts on crime and romance and she might just have a surprise.

What is it about crime stories that capture our attention and holds us riveted to shows on CNN and Fox News that rehash every sordid detail? I’m not really sure what it says about our collective psyche that shows such as Law & Order are among the most successful franchises in T.V. history.

I can only tell you that I find the subject endlessly fascinating. What

drives someone to commit a heinous crime? What makes a person with absolutely no criminal history suddenly decide to kill someone else? Is it a slow burn or a moment of madness?

My fascination with every aspect of crime, from commission through to sentencing, along with a lifelong love of romance made romantic suspense a natural fit for me as a writer. My first suspense, FATAL AFFAIR, hit the digital shelves yesterday at Carina Press. It opens with the murder of a U.S. senator who is found dead in his bed by his chief of staff, Nick Cappuano.

The detective investigating the case is none other than Nick’s one-night stand from six years earlier, Sgt. Sam Holland. Set in Washington, D.C., FATAL AFFAIR, combines suspense, romance and politics for a fast-paced murder mystery that will hopefully keep you guessing until the very end. Book 2 in the Fatal Series, FATAL JUSTICE, out in January, will continue Sam and Nick’s story.

I’m curious about your thoughts on crime stories. Do you watch fascinated by every detail or do you tend to avoid such unpleasant

realities? I’ll give a copy of FATAL AFFAIR to one respondent. I won’t blame you if you say you avoid the crime stories. Believe me, sometimes I wish I had stayed away from the realities because some of these stories are just too horrible to be believed and the details stay with me long after the case is closed. Thanks for having me today, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Marie, thanks so much for guest blogging here today. I think we are all drawn to crime details even if we can’t explain why.

Here’s a short synopsis of FATAL AFFAIR:
On the morning of the most important vote of Senator John O’Connor’s career he is late—again. His best friend and chief of staff, Nick Cappuano sets off to O'Connor’s apartment expecting to roust him from bed and hoping he is alone. But what Nick finds is that O’Connor, the handsome, amiable Senator from Virginia, has been brutally murdered, and Nick’s world comes crashing down around him. Complicating the disaster, the detective assigned to the case is none other than Sam Holland, Nick’s one-night stand from six years earlier, the woman who broke his heart and haunts his dreams. With six years worth of unfinished business hanging between them and more than a few scores to settle personally and professionally, Nick and Sam set out to find the senator's killer while trying—and failing—to resist the overwhelming attraction between them that seems to have only grown over the years.

It soon becomes clear that the senator’s past holds secrets that not only led to his death but now endanger Nick and Sam as well. Working together to find a killer and to rediscover the love they thought they lost long ago, they must put the past behind them and build a future that offers a world of new opportunities for both of them—including an offer from the Virginia Democrats for Nick to finish the last year of John’s term.

Now for a little background on Marie. Besides her FATAL Series, she is also the author of LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT. Of LINE OF SCRIMMAGE, Booklist said, “With its humor and endearing characters, Force’s charming novel will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, reaching far beyond sports fans.” Wild on Books said, “LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT by Marie Force is most definitely a keeper. It is an astounding book. I loved every single word!”

A third contemporary, EVERYBODY LOVES A HERO, is due out Feb. 1, 2011. Since 1996, Marie has been the communications director for a national organization similar to the Romance Writers of America. She is a member of RWA’s New England, From the Heart and Published Author Special Interest Chapters. While her husband was in the Navy, Marie lived in Spain, Maryland and Florida, and is now settled in her home state of Rhode Island. She is the mother of two children and a feisty dog named Brandy. Find her at www.mariesullivanforce.com, on her blog at http://mariesullivanforce.blogspot.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Marie-Force/248130827909 and on Twitter at twitter.com/MarieForce. Marie loves to hear from readers. Contact her at marie@marieforce.com.

Don’t forgot to leave your thoughts on crime stories for a chance to win a copy of FATAL AFFAIR.


  1. "What is it about crime stories that capture our attention and holds us riveted to shows on CNN and Fox News that rehash every sordid detail?" Exactly. Not many people around me know that I watch Criminal Minds, because I am such a scaredy cat. It's a horrible show to watch and yet I am glued to it. I want to know why someone would kill like that.

    I think we are curious about crime.

    We all love stories, too, where characters are working together but are attracted to each other and try to fight it. Sounds like a good story.


  2. You're getting the best guest posts! When I watch crime stories, I tell myself to stop, but I can't!

  3. Best of luck on your book launch. It's such an exciting thing to send your book off into cyberspace.
    Interesting thought: whether we enjoy or look away. I'm in the former group. The more exciting the crime drama, the better.

  4. Marie, thanks so much for stopping by today. FATAL AFFAIR sounds very intriguing. Best of luck.

    Hi all, thanks for dropping in. Hope you have a great day.

    Kathy, thanks. I've been very lucky to have some really super authors stop by.

  5. Wonderful blog. That's a good question you ask about the gruesomeness of stories. I know in mine, I go into a lot of details, especially at the crime scene and at the autopsy.

    Some readers like it, some find it gross.


  6. Sounds like we've got some real "lookers" here, meaning people who can't look away from a good crime story. I'm sure you're all very good looking, too. HAHA! Thanks for stopping by to say hello and to make me feel less like a weirdo for my crime fascination.

    I'm off to work now but will check in again at lunchtime. Have a great day everyone!

  7. Crime both repels and fascinates .. well, me at least.

  8. I think the realism of crime stories hooks us. We all know of someone who's been a victim, or we fear becoming a victim ourselves. Your book sounds very interesting and I look forward to reading it.

  9. Another great guest post. That title alone - "Fatal Affair" is so timely and catchy it would have me picking it off the shelf to look at.

  10. For me, with a lot of crime stories, I get hooked and have to find out what happened.

  11. I'm so glad it's not just me who follows the crime stories with such rabid interest! Nice to meet you all here!

  12. Hi Marie,

    I too find crime stories fascinating (kind of like a car wreck that you just can't quite not look at).
    I do find that when reading suspense novels I do have to be in the right mood or state of mind. (sometimes they make me overly anxious) ;)

  13. crime stories (and TV shows on the same subject) are so popular these days.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com


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