Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OMG, What To Write?

“Oh my gosh, what to write?” Is this a phrase you utter from time to time?

I do and I did last night when I started this post. If you visit here often you’ve noticed in the past few days that I have been writing more post. I have a number of authors that will be guest blogging, but that will be next week. I love having guest bloggers, but I also found I missed writing a post and sharing my crazy thoughts with you. That was until last night when my mind went blanker than usual.

That’s when I realized that being an author has to be a little scary at times when you have writer’s block.

For me it’s not so bad. When writing articles I have a certain format that has to be followed - who, what, when, where, why and how. By answering those questions it helps overcome any writer’s block I have. There is a style that I have to follow, so that also helps.

When I review a book for the newspaper, I have a little more flexibility. But, there are still certain things that need to be included so that helps. When blogging I have a lot more flexibility and can include more personal input. That can cause for some blank moments, like now.

For an author, I know there is a certain amount of structure or an outline if you will of what the story will be about. But the author brings that outline to life and gives it emotion. They are not just telling a story (like a reporter) but they are creating a world for the reader to be drawn into. They are creating characters that the reader will both love and hate.

That in my opinion could get a little scary. I have a fairly good imagination and it can and does go in all different directions. But I’ve never really tried to create a world with characters that would draw readers in and hold their attention. For that reason I hold authors in high regard.

Each day I am learning more and more about all the hard work that goes into creating these stories that I love to read. Because of this, I’d like to say “thanks” to all those who write so that we readers can enjoy and live in various worlds and situations of fantasy.

How is your writer’s block today?


  1. Writer's block isn't a problem today...motivation is another story!

  2. After a month of writer's block, I'm delighted to report I'm back on track. That's the good news. The bad news is, I'm not sure which way the train is headed and it may run me over at any moment. :)

  3. Mason - I think all of us run into writer's block at one time or another. It's part of the process. When I face it, I try to change my environment, think of something totally unrelated or just do something else. Anything to jog my creativity...

    The good thing about writer's block is that it goes away : ).

  4. I frequently feel that I don't know what to write. With deadlines always breathing down my neck, I tell myself, "Just put it on paper. You can toss the whole thing in the trash if it's bad." I take the pressure off as much as I can and write my way through it. And, yes, it's usually horrible if I've been stuck. But there will be some kernel in the story that I can use.

  5. Tell me about writer's block, but even more tell me about procrastination.
    It is precisely when I have most to do, that I can't seem to get words down on paper. Not even the most mundane ones.

  6. Well for not knowing what to write, you did very well! I'm with Rayna. Procrastination is my devil!

  7. I don't have too much trouble with writer's block, but with deadlines I get the sweats which blocks some of my brain power.

    Although, I enjoy your interviews, I also enjoy you- posting for you.

  8. Vicki, I understand about motivation, or I should say the lack of it from time to time.

    VR, I'm sure you'll have that train going in the right direction without much problem.

    Margot, so true. Changing and doing something else, even for a few minutes, sometimes makes all the difference.

    Elizabeth, sometimes the most unusual idea is found in the middle of what we first thought was nothing. LOL

    Rayna, I think I am one of the world's worst or best at procrastination. I put most everything off until the last minute.

    KarenG, thanks. Once I finally (remember the procrastination element) sat down to write, it just sort of happened.

    Teresa, thanks for your kind words. My problem with deadlines lately is I forget to write them down and almost miss them because of it.

  9. Currently I'm involved with BuNoWriMo so I hope I don't get writers block. Haven't got it hopeful. I have had moments in the past where the voices weren't speaking to me but when I began to listen...


  10. Photographs are what help me with regular blog posts. Each post is inspired by the photo that accompanies it, in some way. So maybe keep a small stack of photos on hand to inspire you during a writer's block. Good luck!

  11. This will sound a bit nutty, but when I'm lost as to where the story is going or what I need to be writing, I stretch out on the couch in my office and let my mind drift. I see the characters in my head and see what they do and say.

    Nutty, but it usually works.

    Straight From Hel

  12. I don't have writer's block, I have a time shortage right now! Since I write for fun I don't sweat the times when the muse is taking a break. I imagine I would be a raving lunatic if I had one or several book deadlines. I'm always amazed at the projects our friends at The Mystery Lovers' Kitchen have going!

  13. LOL! I ask that question multiple times a day. So I just start typing and the words flow. Sometimes I have to erase them and start over, but something usually comes.

  14. I'm with Carol -- just start typing. And I know if I'm not writing, I should be doing laundry or cleaning toilets--the best motivation for sticking with the keyboard.

  15. I just push on through! Even if I feel blocked, I sit at my desk. I find a little bit of editing yesterday's work always gets me in mood. It's much harder some days than others, though!

  16. I've been having painting and blogging block lately... le sigh... hate when that happens!

  17. Clarissa, I hope you don't get writer's block either especially working on BuNoWriMo. Good luck with that. I guess we all need to listen a little closer to our inner voices.

    Joanne, your photos are always so inspiring. I can guess how it would help.

    Helen, I love your way to overcome writer's block. I only problem is I'd probably fall asleep.

    Janel, you are so right. That group of ladies at MLK have so much going on all the time.

    Carol, I must admit I have just jotted down two word answers to questions sometimes and that gets things going.

    Terry, now that is motivation.

    Talli, I have gone back and read something from a few days past and it helps jog a memory of something else I'd thought of at that time.

    Fifi, your paintings are so beautiful. I can't image you having any type of block when it comes to that.

  18. I rarely suffer from writer's block, but I do get it occasionally--the best things for it are to read a good book or revise soemthing you've been working on or do a freewrite--usually within the first few pages, an idea comes--at least for me.

    My nephew, Doug Milliken, just has a brand new book out. White Horses, from NaDA press--it's very different from the kinds of things you normally do, but I read it over the weekend and it is excellent--would you like to have him on your blog or have a review (from me)?


    this is a link to my nephew Doug's new book. Email me at taittems at gmail dot com if you want more info.

  20. I don't get a ton of time for writing, so I tend to be salivating by the time I get to sit down and write. So far writer's block isn't too much of a problem! (touch wood) :)

  21. Mary, sometimes it does help to take a break and read to get your own thoughts flowing. Your nephew's book sounds interesting. I'll get with you via e-mail.

    Jemi, hopefully writer's block won't be a problem for you. BTW, I've heard touch wood, in the South we say, "Knock on wood" and then usually touch our heads. LOL

  22. Nice posts. Without the authors and the books I read, I don't know what I'll do for relaxation.

    As for writer's block, just write and the words will come to you.

  23. No rush about contacting me. :-) Take yr time.


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