Sunday, May 3, 2020

Special Announcement

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on a Sunday but there is an interesting project coming up I wanted to share with you.

Penguin Random House has a big project premiering on their Facebook Page this coming Tuesday, May 5th. They have had it in the works for a while – it is a video series called THE GREAT FANTASY DEBATE. It features top Science Fiction/Fantasy authors and hilarious comedians debating fantasy topics, such as: Should dragon ownership be legal? Is a degree from Hogwarts worth it?

The 8-episode series premieres May 5th and will air Tuesday nights on the Penguin Random HouseFacebook page. All episodes are 10 minutes or less. The official series trailer on YouTube is below are you can watch it by clicking on this link:

Each week, expert authors and hilarious comedians will team up to present arguments and counter-arguments (and sometimes interpretive dance) to support their side of a fantasy topic, drawn from fantasy literature and film. Topics range from Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter to Star Wars – everything is fair game! At the end of each episode, hosts Abbi Crutchfield and Drea Bolt will make their decision, then ask the audience to weigh in.

Featured fantasy authors include:

·        Pierce Brown (Red Rising)
·        Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files)
·        Marie Lu (Warcross)
·        Naomi Novik (Spinning Silver)
·        Tochi Onyebuchi (War Girls)

Featured comedians include:

·        Sean Donnelly
·        Aminah Imani
·        Jay Jurden
·        Sarah Smallwood Parsons

Viewers can participate in the debate themselves by joining Penguin Random House’s SciFi & Fantasy Group, Unbound Worlds, which will hold Watch Parties and post bonus material.

Fair warning, it gets very nerdy. If you are a nerd, know a nerd, or love a nerd, this show is for you.

You can follow the series on Facebook here:

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday relaxing. What do you think about debating fantasy topics? What topic would you like to see debated?


  1. You make me regret (a very little) that I don't play FB.
    Own a dragon? That is a dragon sized delusion in itself.

  2. Oh, this sounds great, Mason! What a cool (in a nerdy sort of way... ;-)) thing to lose yourself in during this time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know my fantasy so I would definitely get it! Fun idea.

  4. We've been doing author readings on our Facebook page. Now ideas are churning for what else we could do!

  5. Hi Mason - it sounds like it'll be fun ... not for me - but I can feel the excitement this post is bringing out; I don't do FB ... but can quite understand others wanting to enjoy this opportunity. Take care and all the best - Hilary


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