Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Happy and You Know It by Laura Hankin

During these difficult times it’s not easy to be happy, but if you’re like me a good book can make you smile. That’s why I’m delighted to tell you about a new release where the Nanny Diaries meets Primates of Park Avenue.

HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT (Berkley Hardcover; May 19, 2020) by Laura Hankin is a punchy, gobble-it-up-in-one-sitting novel set around a group of wealthy Manhattan mothers and their hired baby musician who unravels their outwardly perfect lives.

The author delivers a juicy and compelling take on the culture of perfection we have created for ourselves through social media, how our high expectations affect our attitudes towards motherhood, and how filtered photos have the power to conceal some of our darkest realities. But ultimately, this dazzling novel celebrates the unlikely bonds that form and the power that is unleashed when a group of women comes together, lifting each other up in a world that is constantly pushing them down.

          Claire Martin missed her chance at stardom. She left her band, Vagabond, just as they were starting to make it big. With no royalties from the hit song she wrote and no cash flow, Claire needs to reinvent herself and earn some money to stay afloat in New York City—fast.
          Reluctantly, Claire takes a gig as a playgroup musician, serenading the privileged toddlers of Manhattan’s wealthy elite. But it’s not long before Claire is brought in as an honorary member of the playgroup by the mothers who employ her—a group of influential women obsessed with fitness, well-being, and, of course, motherhood.
There’s Whitney, group ringleader and Instagram star whose life is picture-perfect on the surface. Amara, a stay-at-home mom who is used to climbing the corporate ladder and is now rediscovering her identity. Meredith and Ellie, the inseparable dynamic mom duo, and Gwen, an old pro who never hesitates to share motherly wisdom. Claire quickly learns that playgroup is for more than just the kids—it’s time for the moms to de-stress and focus on themselves through their fancy fitness classes, vitamins, and healthy doses of gossip.
Claire begins to count on these women as friends—until she stumbles upon some of their most scandalous secrets and the extreme lengths these polished parents will go to hide their flaws.

Author Laura Hankin, photo credit Berkley 2019
Now for those who aren’t familiar with Laura, here is a bit of background on her.

Laura Hankin has written for McSweeney's and HuffPost, among other publications. The viral videos that she creates and stars in with her comedy duo, Feminarchy, have been featured in Now This, The New York Times, and Funny or Die.

She grew up in Washington, D.C., attended Princeton University, and now lives in New York City, where she has performed off-Broadway, acted onscreen and sung to far too many babies.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I can’t help but smile thinking about all the problems that could result from this group and their activities, what about you? Do I see a hint of a smile on your face?


  1. Books OFTEN make me smile.
    Thank you. Again.

  2. There's nothing like a good book to help give some perspective on troubles and to help you smile. And this one sounds like a really fascinating look at how we see ourselves and others. Thanks for sharing, Mason.


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