Tuesday, September 17, 2019

One Queen of an Ending (+ Giveaway)

One Queen of an Ending
by Zachary Ryan
* (The High School Queens Trilogy, #3)
* Published by: Kingston Publishing Company
* Publication date: August 26th 2019
* Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
It’s time to say goodbye to our Johnson Prep favorites before they all head off to college.
After the gossip-worthy events of graduation and the shocking death of one of their classmates, it seems The Queen of Queens wants to give Danielle, Bethany, Calvin, Tucker, and Aman one last hurrah.
Will everything have a happy ending, or will one of our favorites end up 6 feet under? How will the war end with the salacious arrival of returning students, Andrew and Jasmine? They all had one lesson left to learn: Just because high school is over, doesn’t mean the high school drama ends. They’re all about to take their curtain call, but will it end as a comedy or a tragedy?
Discover this sultry and thrilling end to the High School Queens Series.

Now here's an excerpt for this intriguing story for your reading pleasure:

Danielle followed her finger to see a guy at his locker. He looked scrawny with dark hair, hazel eyes, and stubble. She also saw who he was talking with. “Clearly, he doesn’t have enough class, because he’s mingling with Tucker and Bethany.” She rolled her eyes. “He’s not that cute anyway.”

            “Already pining over the new boy in the school? Don’t you think you should give him a full day to realize that you suck their souls, like you suck dick to keep the wrinkles away,” Jasmine said, walking up to them. Jasmine and Danielle have been the two most popular girls in their class and have never gotten along. “Besides, aren’t you too busy being The Marked Queen’s bitch?”

            Danielle turned and smiled at Jasmine. Jasmine was a shorter, thicker, and mousy-voiced creature that Danielle had the displeasure of knowing. She thought Jasmine’s pixie haircut made her look more like a lesbian, than an edgy girl. “At least I’m interesting enough to be marked. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you have to post anything.”

            Jasmine crossed her arms. “Maybe because I have no secrets to hide.”

            Danielle and Delilah both laughed. “We’ve all got things to hide.” Danielle leaned forward. “Yours are just not that juicy to expose,” she whispered. Danielle turned to Delilah. “We’ve got class, and I’ve done my fair share of charity work for the day.” Danielle made sure her charity work comment was pointed right at Jasmine.

            They walked away from Jasmine. Jasmine felt a little insulted by Danielle’s comments. It was true what Danielle said. She hasn’t been marked, but she does have a lot of secrets. Everyone might have been feared to be marked, but they were lying when they didn’t get an adrenaline rush from their name being spoken on everyone’s lips.

Author Bio:
Zachary Ryan grew up in a black-and-white box in Maryland, before moving to Chicago to start a new life. There, he found that he was accepted for his misfit status--and learned that it's perfectly normal to spend your twenties feeling lost and confused.
After a disastrous sexual encounter, Ryan stumbled on a group of true friends, or "soul cluster," that he connected with. Through his writing, he hopes to help other broken souls out there find comfort amid the chaos.
Thanks for stopping by today. Do excerpts peak your interest in stories more than just short synopsis?



  1. It does sound intriguing - though I dislike (on principle) the most popular girls on class until their actions prove that I am misjudging them...

  2. This does sound like a good YA read, Mason. And I think we can all relate to those teen dramas. Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. I remember the drama queens in high school.

  4. Looks like an interesting read! Good luck to Zachary Ryan.


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