Friday, September 20, 2019

Fun Friday Video

The weekend is just around the corner and I wanted to share a fun video with you concerning Penguin Random House. It may not be exactly a video you would automatically think about.

Richard Wylde, Senior Manager of Digital Video Strategy + Distribution at Penguin Random House, shared this video that’s been in the making for many, many years.

Here’s what Richard said, “I wanted to share a very special video with you, one we’ve been wanting to make for 84 years. This summer we had the pleasure of welcoming a real-life penguin to our distribution center in Maryland, and boy was it great!

“I’m including several links below—one to the video we made about a penguin’s “internship” at Penguin Random House, and one that shows the behind the scenes process,” he explained. “Thanks! Please reach out with any and all penguin-related questions.”

Now here’s a real penguin’s internship at Penguin Random House.

If it doesn’t show up in the post, click HERE.

For behind the scenes action, click on

Thanks for stopping by today. I think penguins are so cute. What did you think about the penguin’s internship?


  1. I have a HUGE soft spot for penguins - and books so this was definitely fun. An African penguin I think? But I love them all.

  2. Funny! The penguin seemed to fit right in and had a good time exploring. Altough looks like some books got a little dinged in the process.

  3. Penguins are great! I love the way this one seems to have settled, in, too. Thanks for the great share, Mason. You brought a lot of smiles to people today.

  4. How adorable! He really was the random penguin.

  5. Brilliant - Mason ... thanks for sharing with us - love it ... fun and totally tied in together - such fun and so appropriate for Penguin books - thanks my books turn up on times! Cheers Hilary

  6. That was a very cute video. Clever of Penguin Random House to create it!


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