Friday, January 20, 2017

Literary Contest and Discovery Platform

Has a story or characters ever floated around in your heard before? Sure they have if you’re an author, but what about those of us who have only thought about the concept?

Laura at iRead Book Tours recently brought to my attention some news about the world's first crowd-sourced literary contest and discovery platform for readers and writers called World's Best Story! 

Now if you’re an aspiring author or know of an author who could benefit from this contest, visit World's Best Story.

The contest aims to find a manuscript that has the potential to be a smash hit in books and beyond – from movies to video games, to graphic novels, to merchandise. Anyone with a story can enter their synopsis and sample chapter for the community to review and help select ten finalists.

This is the third year they are open and accepting submissions. If you have a manuscript for a story you or someone you know has written in the following genres, it  can now be submitted:

◊General Fiction
◊Crime / Mystery 
◊Horror / Thriller
◊Sci-fi / Fantasy
◊Young Adult
◊18+ Adult Fiction
◊All - including Non-fiction

This is a free contest submission. 

Writers from around the world can submit stories for free in several fiction and nonfiction genres while readers across the world vote on those stories using WBS's  easy and fun to use proprietary blockbuster story potential™ voting algorithm. All winning stories receive a pedigree building publishing deal represented by WBS Entertainment Inc.

Ready for your book deal? Submit your story by visiting World's Best Story.


  1. Wow.
    This reader looks forward to the announcement of the winners.

  2. They want the best, multi-platform story? Not even going to try...

  3. This looks fantastic, Mason! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Knowing your story was going o be a movie and merchandise is big.

  5. Whoa, super cool! -


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