Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bonds Truly Matter

It’s a pleasure today to tell you about a ‘new-to-me’ author, Kenneth E. Fultz Jr., and his release, DESTRUCTION OF SWEET CREATION.

In a world of magic and technology it is the bonds that truly matter. 

DESTRUCTION OF SWEET CREATION (Aura Arrest Book 1) by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr., is a Light Novella based off Japanese Light Novels that follows the adventure of two teens that struggle with relationships. The first is Hiro Inoue who is a loner that has become an Aura agent policeman that is on the search for a deadly criminal. The second is the sweet yet childish Kanae Fukui who treats her relationships like their fairy tales rather than ones set in reality. The story takes place in an alternate Tokyo where magic and technology are blinded together. 

The short novella moves at the pace of an action thriller, but that isn't to say there aren't moments that it slows down and gets romantic. The world itself is full of all sorts of technology and magical powers as everyone in the tale has magic, ranging for small to great. Information is given out organically rather than forced which makes it longer to get to; however, it is well worth the wait as you get more and more into the story.

According to reviews on Reader's Favorite and Amazon, Kanae is a unique character that has to deal with problems they haven't seen in other stories of the genre. Hiro is a typical bad boy with a twist to his back story who is willing to give up his own life easily. Other characters like AJ Rider and Kanae's mother are also spoken of with great appeal. This along with what is considered one of the best parts of the story the action scenes.

The work truly brings you into a world of magic, romance, and sci-fi as the tale helps teenagers see sometimes they aren't always as mature as they believe themselves to be. 

Reviewers of the book have also spoken of wanting to see the novella as a manga or anime movie in the future. As you need to read this work for yourself to see what it is truly all about get it in one of its three forms: paperback, kindle or even audio all of which can be found on Amazon or get the paperback on Lulu.

DESTRUCTION OF SWEET CREATION is available at the following sites: Amazon and Lulu

Author Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.
Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. born in Columbus, Ohio. Since a child had a strong interest in both anime and writing. Kenneth's first novella, "Warriors of Matrimony", dealt with gender roles and marriage while his second book "Destruction of Sweet Creation" deals with how relationships shape who we are and the image of age. 

Kenneth plans to get into turning his stories into graphic novels at a later date.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope I’ve enticed you to check out Kenneth’s book, DESTRUCTION OF SWEET CREATION. Do you enjoy finding ‘new-to-me’ authors? Where do you look to find new authors?


  1. A new to me author is always a treat. And a burden on my groaning shelves.

  2. I love stumbling on new authors on blogs or browsing in bookstores and online.

  3. That would be cool to see them as graphic novels. Anime is really popular.

  4. What an interesting take on a crime story, Mason! And I know what you mean about discovering a 'new-to-me' author. Isn't it the best!?

  5. How interesting that readers would express wanting to see this novella as amanga or anime movie.


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