Saturday, June 25, 2016

Accessories to the Rescue

GO PUCK Portable Cellphone Battery Charger
With the hectic schedules we all keep these days everyone can use a little help so a few accessories to the rescue is just the ticket.

Thanks to Ivanka and the wonderful folks at OmniiDeals, I had the opportunity to review several of their products that have made my life a bit easier.

GO PUCK 5X Portable Cellphone Battery Charger

◊ Man-Made Materials
◊ Mountable and Wearable, put the power securely where you need it
◊ Dual USB output: Standard and Rapid Charging at up to 2 Amps
◊ Pocket Sized for Portable Power Anywhere
◊ 4 LED State of Charge Indicator
◊ Rugged Design – Shock and Vibration Resistant
◊ Product Dimensions: 1 x 3 x 3 inches
◊ Shipping Weight: 6.6 ounces

By most standards I have an old cellphone – it’s two years old. It’s an Android and I’ve had problems keeping it charged for over a year.

I’ve tried a number of portable chargers but found them more trouble than useful. I always had to make sure I had my original phone charging cord with me. But 95 percent of the time the charger would be dead because the on button had gotten pushed in my purse.

Can charge 2 devices at the same time
When the GO PUCK Portable Charger arrived I was happy to see there were no buttons to push. You just plug the cord in the charge and to your phone and it’s on. Major point in its favor.

Next I decided to try charging my phone with the cord that came with the charger. (The charger comes ready to use, btw.) Image my delight when the phone actually charged. I no longer have to remember to take the original cord along. Another huge point in GO PUCK’s favor.

The charger is lightweight and easy to carry. It recharges my phone in a timely manner without either getting hot to the touch. It can charge my phone twice before it needs to be recharged or it can charge two devices at the same time. GO PUCK is easily recharged using a generic wall adapter (not included).

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with this charger and do highly recommend it as it works on a variety of devices. It would be nice if it came with a small bag of sorts to carry it in, but that just an extra I’d like and doesn’t impact the charger’s overall performance.

FTC Full Disclosure – I was provided the items mentioned above by OmniiDeals. However, the post was written solely by me and all opinions are my own given honestly and freely.

Writeyboard Monthly Calendar

Writeyboard Monthly Calendar
ORGANIZE ANYTHING with this convenient whiteboard for work or home schedules. Perfect for college dorm, kids' chore chart or homework list; even use in the kitchen for menu planning! At a glance month view with writable block space.
EASY INSTALL IN SECONDS with no wrinkles or bubbles. Peels from paper and sticks onto walls smoothly and easily. Adaptive foam backing creates a smooth writing surface.
CLEAN SIMPLE REMOVAL: Just unpeel from wall and roll up for true portability with this simple to use technology. No sticky residue or mess!
CELEBRITY BACKED INNOVATION from Mark Cuban of Shark Tank. EZ install and removal for on-the-go mobility. Great dry erase markers erase with ease. Eco-Friendly.
RE-WRITABLE AND DURABLE for repeated use. No need to constantly replace cheap whiteboards.

Unique way to ship
Needing a calendar to keep track of events and activities is a must to keeping organized. The Writeyboard Wall Calendar is perfect as it allows you to make changes to your schedule with little effort and no mess.

The calendar comes packaged in a decorative plastic tube resembling a marker which protects it from damage in shipping. A dry eraser Squegge comes with it. Measuring 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall, the calendar gives you plenty of room to plan each day’s events.

The calendar is made of good quality, durable plastic. The backing peels off easily and is simple to press onto a wall. It can be removed effortlessly. The smooth writing surface makes it easy to erase. The calendar is perfect for home, office and/or school use.

FTC Full Disclosure – I was provided the items mentioned above by OmniiDeals. However, the post was written solely by me and all opinions are my own given honestly and freely.

Writeyboard Re-Fillable Low Odor Premium Dry Erase Markers Eco-Friendly, 4 Pack

Writeyboard Re-Fillable Premium Dry Erase Markers
QUALITY FIRST: Chisel-tip for smooth writing. Erases cleanly from all whiteboards. Low odor.
CELEBRITY BACKED INNOVATION brand with Mark Cuban of Shark Tank.
EASY USE AND REFILL means NO messy experience or reduced writing quality.
 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Reloadable, refillable cartridges mean less plastic waste in landfills and less wasted money.
4 PACK OF PREMIUM MARKERS Writeyboard whiteboard cleaner and additional cartridges sold separately.

Having a good set of dry erase markers is essential to making a dry board work. The Writeyboard Re-Fillable Low Odor Premium Dry Erase Markers do a great job.

The markers are easy to hold and have a chisel tip which allows you to write in both thin and thick styles. The ink flows smoothly and has very little smell. The colors are vibrant. The markers are refillable making them eco-friendlier.

The markers come in a small plastic carrying case with snap closure. They work perfectly with the Writeyboard Monthly Calendar making for a great combination in keeping organized.

FTC Full Disclosure – I was provided the items mentioned above by OmniiDeals. However, the post was written solely by me and all opinions are my own given honestly and freely.

Thanks for dropping by today. I hope I’ve tempted you to check out these products in an effort to become more efficient and organized. What accessories do you use that make your life easier? Have you tried a portable cellphone battery charger yet?


  1. My phone spends most of its life turned off, so a portable charger isn't a necessity for me. My partner on the other hand... Thanks for the tips.

  2. That portable charger does look appealing, Mason! Such a handy tool, especially when you're on the go, and not sure where you'll be able to 'plug in.' Thanks for sharing.

  3. We do need to pick up a portable charger since we have so many gadgets now.


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