Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Videos from Penguin Random House

A few weeks ago I shared a number of videos with you from Penguin Random House and talked about making it a monthly event.

Well here’s some new videos for your viewing pleasure. This week I decided not to post any of the actual videos on the blog post since that does take time to load. Instead I’m sharing a bit about each video and a link to it where you can view any or all you’d like to see.

In the first group we have comedian Jacqueline Novak giving a “book report” on Steinbeck’s EAST OF EDEN (after reading it in ten minutes); Jake Wood (TAKE COMMAND) talking about his first memorable piece of writing; and Leigh Gallagher (THE END OF THE SUBURBS) discussing why people are moving to cities at higher rates. (These photos show the play button on them but they aren't active buttons.)

 Comedian Jacqueline Novak presents John Steinbeck's EAST OF EDEN | Last Minute Book Report - After ten minutes of studying, comedian/author Jacqueline Novak (HOW TO WEEP IN PUBLIC) gives a book report on John Steinbeck's classic EAST OF EDEN. It gets philosophical.

The story that author Jake Wood wrote to process loss | authorcuts - After losing a friend in Iraq, author Jake Wood (TAKE COMMAND) wrote a short story to help process the experience—it was the first piece of writing he was proud of.

Why America is leaving the suburbs | Author Leigh Gallagher - Author Leigh Gallagher (THE END OF THE SUBURBS) looks at why, for the first time in 90 years, the populations of American cities are growing faster than the suburbs. Recent seismic changes point to an answer.

In the next group Alida Nugent (YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE ME) talks about the time one of her Fifty Shades of Grey tweets backfired; business expert Robin Koval (GRIT TO GREAT) discusses the importance of tenacity; and passersby in Times Square try to guess what Scott Hawkins’s THE LIBRARY AT MOUNT CHAR is about based only on the cover.

Author Alida Nugent on getting trolled | authorcuts - After participating in a Fifty Shades hashtag on Twitter, author Alida Nugent (YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIKE ME) received a flurry of responses... some not so positive.

Times Square checks out Scott Hawkins's THE LIBRARY AT MOUNT CHAR | Judge a Book - Play along as Judge a Book contestants in Times Square try to figure out what THE LIBRARY AT MOUNT CHAR by Scott Hawkins is about ONLY by looking at its cover. A ghost story? A mountain? An angry person? Find out if your guess is right.

The importance of tenacity and staying focused | Author Robin Koval - Author Robin Koval (GRIT TO GREAT) discusses fixing our collective short attention span, and how a half-hour break can help keep you on task.

In the final group Terry Brooks (THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES) talks about a writing assignment he had in 4th grade; workplace expert Angie McArthur (COLLABORATIVE INTELLIGENCE) discusses the benefits of embracing different styles of thinking; and our series Fiction to Fashion curates an outfit inspired by Carrie Brownstein’s HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL.

Author Terry Brooks on the story he wrote in fourth grade | authorcuts - In fourth grade, Terry Brooks (THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES) wrote a haunted house story, and received an A+. It was the first step on his path to becoming a writer.

A rockin' outfit inspired by Carrie Brownstein's HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL | Fiction to Fashion - Fiction Fashionista Julie curates a 90s-punk ensemble inspired by music icon / Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein's memoir, HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL.

The power of collaborative thinking | Author Angie McArthur - Author Angie McArthur (COLLABORATIVE INTELLIGENCE) addresses why dealing with other people is often our biggest challenge in the workplace, and the importance of embracing diverse styles of thinking.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you found at least one (or all) of these videos entertaining. Do you like the feature better without any embedded videos? Any suggestions you’d like to make about this feature?


  1. Off the watch the Terry Brooks one!
    I bet the one about the book cover is funny because there are a lot of books that you can't tell what they are about by the cover. And that's not good.

  2. I didn't know that Penguin had these videos out. That's really interesting! Thanks, Mason.

  3. Very interesting. I've noticed lots of apartments being built in our downtown area for ridiculous prices. Perhaps the video will explain why it is happening.

  4. I'll have to come back to watch, since I need to get ready for work. They look like so much fun.


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