Saturday, March 12, 2016

loved+blessed® Subscription Box {+ Giveaway}

Beauty themed box
I’m always thrilled to share interesting features with you and I have a new discovery I want to tell you about …. loved+blessed® monthly subscription boxes.

I recently had the opportunity to receive a loved+blessed® box to review. As part of that program, I can also tell you about their giveaway for a chance to win A Year of Encouragement (12 Free Boxes!). To learn more, just visit the giveaway entry page HERE.

First, let me tell you a bit about these awesome boxes. Unlike many subscription boxes, loved+blessed® is about hope and encouragement, rather than products. As a cause box, they measure the value of their boxes a little differently than many other companies. Each month they send a box of encouragement to you (or to your loved+blessed® person of choice) with a different theme that they hope will brighten the month, help get through the challenges of life and help to pass encouragement along to someone else.

Each month the box of encouragement™ includes: a mini poster, a repositionable reminder sticker, a scripture card sized to keep in your pocket or purse or give to another for encouragement, a removable keepsake theme card and a special gift of encouragement such as jewelry, prayer accessory, stationery, a journal, home décor and more! The boxes have different themes such as peace, thankfulness, love, patience, beauty, hope, blessings, strength and much more.

You can visit the SHOP and discover all the various themes. You can join to have a box sent to you each month and/or sign up to give a gift box to someone special from you each month. When you give yourself a gift of encouragement, you can go month to month, three months prepaid, six months prepaid or a year prepaid. When giving a gift of encouragement to someone else, you can give it for one month, three months, six months or a year.

I received the beauty themed box and was delighted by the items inside. The items came carefully bundled in a beautiful pink box. In the box there was a THEME CARD affixed to the inside lid, a MINI POSTER, a REMINDER STICKER, a SCRIPTURE CARD, a LOVED+BLESSED SILICONE BRACELET, a PRAYER JOURNAL, and a lovely COMPACT MIRROR with a special message inside.

The theme card affixed to the box talks about inner and outer beauty and not letting the world’s standards for such have an impact on your life. The mini poster and reminder sticker both encourage one to remember they are beautiful no matter what, while the scripture card talks of inner beauty with a mention of 1 Peter 3:3-4. The darling compact mirror has a message of encouragement on the inside and the silicone bracelet is a reminder of being loved and blessed.

The prayer journal is quite unique with a section to write down what you’re praying for, the date you prayed for it and the date your prayer was answered. The lovely bounded journal has an elastic band attached to hold the book closed.  

You can’t help but smile as you look at each item and read its message of encouragement. Placing the poster, sticker and scripture card in your home or place of work is a great way to give yourself that touch of reassurance each day. Just image receiving such a wonderful box each month or knowing that you’ve sent such a box to someone special in your life.

For more information on loved+blessed® monthly subscription boxes visit their website and connect with them on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. The official hashtags are: #LoveAndBlessed and #FlyBy.  

Remember to stop by loved+blessed®, learn more about their lovely faith-based boxes and sign up for their giveaway. You have a chance to win A Year of Encouragement (12 Free Boxes!). To learn more, just visit the giveaway entry page HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Have you ever signed up for a box subscription program before? What are some of the types of box subscription programs you’ve seen? Do you think it would be fun to be encouraged by a surprise theme box each month?

* This is a sponsored post. I was provided the beauty themed box mentioned above by loved+blessed® and Fly By Promotions, but the post was written solely by me and all opinions are my own given honestly and freely.

A sample of the boxes available


  1. I have seen so many types of these boxes--skin care, books, pets, kids crafts--encouragement seems like a refreshing change.

  2. So it's faith-based? I like that. I should look into it for my wife. She'd like the prayer journal and the fact it's a different theme every month.

  3. I can certainly see how this sort of gift might really appeal to people. It's certainly a different sort of gift box. Thanks for sharing, Mason.

  4. That's such a wonderful idea for a subscription box!

  5. I love subscription boxes. I don't subscribe to any right now now, but I have received the Fresh Fiction box, Eatsie, and Loot Crate in the past.


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