Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tortitude: The Big Book of Cats with a Big Attitude by Ingrid King

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Having lived with a tortoiseshell cat for almost 17 years, I was eager to read TORTITUDE: The Big Book of Cats with a Big Attitude by Ingrid King. 
The book is both reassuring and most enlightening. It reassured me some of the unique traits my late cat had could be attributed to her being a tortie. It was enlightening to learn so much more about these wonderful creatures and their ways. The biggest surprised for me was to learn that tortoiseshell is not a breed (something I should have known but didn’t).
A true cat expert, King explores why tortoiseshells are so special and characteristically different from other cats. She offers new insight into the behavior of these fiercely independent felines. In addition, she talks about her own experience with tortoiseshells including the two she currently shares her home with.
TORTITUDE features a vast array of beautiful color photographs of tortoiseshell cats accompanied by delightful quotes regarding cats. The photos vividly demonstrate how distinctly different the cats are while at the same time each one displays that tortie attitude.
The book includes a quote from Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell, and a foreword by Kate Benjamin, founder of Hauspanther.
Cat lovers of all types will find this book charming, packed with information and a joy to read Non-cat lovers may just find themselves wanting to get to know a tortie better after reading this enchanting book. This is a must have for the library of all cat lovers.
Tortitude: The Big Book of Cats with a Big Attitude by Ingrid King, Passion Fruit Press, @2016, ISBN: 978-1633532939, Hardcover, 117 Pages
FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the author in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.
Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope I’ve enticed you to check out this wonderful book. Please be sure to stop by on Monday, Feb. 8, when author Ingrid King will be visiting. Many of you will know Ingrid from her blog, The Conscious Cat. Do you have a tortoiseshell cat or have you ever had the pleasure of living with one?


  1. I have never known a tortie well. It is black cats (mainly) who have wound their paws deep into my heart strings.
    That said, I find the whole breed fascinated. And love the big cats as well.
    And cattitude is frequent in our house. They rule.

  2. Don't all cats have attitude?
    My wife would like that book.

    1. Well, yes, they do :-) Torties just have an extra dose of it.

  3. Oh, Ingrid's book looks terrific, Mason! So glad you enjoyed (not that I'm surprised - Ingrid's great!).

  4. Oh, how adorable! I love the title. I've never had a tortoiseshell cat. Maybe that should be next on the list. I need to survive one rotten little black kitty named Rocko first.

  5. My brown tabby has an attitude as well. Maybe they are cousins of torties. Since becoming a cat person, I love books about cats and their relationships with humans. (I love dog stories too, but don't tell the kitties.)

  6. I'm 60 in March and have had kitties from the time I was 3 years old. I've loved them all, but in all my years 3 of these kitties had my heart, one being a tortoiseshell. Her name was Mapuss, being that she was the mother of some kittens, so her name became Mapuss. She was the most lovely and special kitty ever. So docile and yet full of personality. I never knew exactly why I had such a special bond with her, but I sure did and after having her, I have said that tortoiseshells are my all-time favorite kind of kitty. I'd never had one before her, and when I first saw her. I thought she looked like a mess....a black cat splattered with paint. But, after she wormed her way into my heart forever, I now think they are the most beautiful of cats with their golden eyes and golden flecks. My current kitty is a boy from New York I got from my son. He is a a bi-color kitty and I love him dearly. But I will always remember my little Mapuss.

    1. Mapuss sounds like she was a very special girl. Once you've fallen for a tortie, there seems to be no going back.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful review, Mason!


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