Thursday, February 25, 2016

Brotherhood in Death by J.D. Robb

Author J.D. Robb makes the base plot in BROTHERHOOD IN DEATH riveting even though it’s a formula that has been used by writers in various ways over the years.

The narration by Susan Ericksen will have listeners engrossed in the story from beginning to end. Her vocals give such unique voices to the characters it’s hard to believe she does them all by herself. Her articulation of the enthralling story is spot on filled with emotions and reactions.

When Dennis Mira goes to confront his cousin Edward about trying to see their late grandfather’s brownstone, he’s knocked out. Just before being knocked out, Dennis saw a badly beaten Edward in a chair. When he comes to, Edward is gone.

Dennis has his wife Charlotte, the NYPSD’s top profiler, contact their good friend, Lieutenant Eve Dallas. As Dallas begins to look into the matter she discovers as a former lawyer, judge and senator, Edward has made a lot of enemies over the years. But it’s the dark secrets Edward and a few close buddies are hiding that has Eve scrambling to save victims and criminals alike.

This long running series continues to be jammed pack with suspense, romance, humor and surprises. The story moves fast with a gamut of emotions.

The characters are realistic and well-developed. The protagonist – Eve Dallas – and core case of characters continue to evolve with each new installment. Still a hard-drive, tough-as-nails cop, the author allows Dallas to become a little more refined with each new story. The relationship between Dallas and her sexy husband, Roarke, is explored a bit, as well as her friendship with her partner Peabody and the other fellow cops of her squad.

BROTHERHOOD IN DEATH, book number 42, is a standalone story. However, readers/listeners will have a much greater appreciation for the story and especially the characters if the series is enjoyed in order.

This gripping tale will tug at your heart as the line between victim and villain is stained.

Brotherhood in Death by J.D. Robb, In Death Series (Book #42), Narrated by Susan Ericksen, Brilliance Audio, @2016, ISBN: 978-1480593244, Unabridged, MP3 Audio, 1 Disc, Run Time: 13 Hours and 38 Minutes 

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

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  1. uh, oh, reminds us not to join that brotherhood :)

  2. Yes, this is one of my favorite series!

  3. I know you're a fan of this series, Mason, and I'm glad you enjoyed this one.


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