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Silent Creed by Alex Kava

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Silent Creed by Alex Kava - Thoughts in Progress
Search and rescue dogs play such a vital role in our society and author Alex Kava gives us a view of just how those capable animals operate in her Ryder Creek novels.

In her latest release, SILENT CREED, Kava explores how man and animal function when on a mission to a devastating mudslide. She combines the working aspects of a search and rescue unit with mystery, murder and intrigue.

Narrator Graham Winton is put through the paces with the various characters he brings to life. His mannerisms and cadence make each character a unique individual. He projects the varying emotions of the story with great strength.

Called to North Carolina due to a disastrous mudslide, Ryder Creed and his search and rescue dog Bolo are faced with perils of their own. The continuing rain makes the area unstable, hazardous waste brought in by the slide blankets the area, and debris of all types makes it precarious for man and dog to work. However, it’s the top-secret government research facility Creed was brought in to locate that poses the most danger without their knowledge.

When the body of a scientist from the facility is discovered, they realize the mudslide isn’t the only killer. The scientist had been killed by a gunshot to the head. FBI Agent Maggie O’Dell is called in to investigate, but isn’t given all the details she needs to know. Having worked together before, Creed and O’Dell begin to put the pieces together. Working their way through secrets, lies, more murder victims and decades-old medical experiments, they discover some people will go to great lengths to keep the truth buried. 

SILENT CREED is an adrenaline-fueled mystery that captures your attention and never lets go. The pace is quick and action-packed. With mishaps for man and dog, listeners/readers will be holding their breath as the story unfolds. Tensions mount as nature and man battle to do harm.

The author has created likable, well-developed characters listeners/readers will enjoy. Combining protagonist from two of her series, Kava seamlessly blends the two together making a dramatic team. Through her rich descriptions she also gives voice to the talented dogs and the invaluable role they play. 

Dealing with a plausible disaster situation, Kava places the listener/reader in the muck and mud alongside her characters through detailed accounts. The nature elements of the story play out as a secondary character adding depth to the circumstances. 

While this is the second installment in the Ryder Creed novels, SILENT CREED can be read on its own. Also, no prior knowledge of the Maggie O’Dell character is necessary to enjoy this book. However, don’t be surprised if after reading this you’re hooked and have to checkout prior stories.

Being a dog or animal lover is not a necessity to enjoy this novel. Packed with murder, mystery, a touch of romance, and lots of edge-of-your-seat anxiety, this is one novel you don’t want to miss.

Silent Creed by Alex Kava, A Ryder Creed Novel (Book #2), Narrated by Graham Winton, Recorded Books, @2015, ISBN: 978-1490631110, Unabridged, 6 Discs, Run Time: 7.25 Hours 

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.


  1. More bookie temptation.
    Thank you. And sigh.

  2. North Carolina - very cool!
    Dogs eleven, cats nine.

  3. Woohoo - there is a large print copy at the library. I find large print easier at night when my eyes are tired. I tried an audio book and it didn't click with me.

  4. It's always interesting to read about the good work that rescue dogs and their handlers do. And this certainly sounds like an action-packed story. Thanks, Mason!

  5. Excellent review! Hope you had a wonderful Blitz day.

  6. Interesting! A murder mystery with a mudslide mixed in. Sounds like a good one.


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