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The Forgotten…The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop

I have two amazing audios to tell you about today that are listed as coming from completely different genres. But both are by authors who’s work I so enjoy and love their series.

The Forgotten by Heather Graham - Thoughts in ProgressTHE FORGOTTEN by Heather Graham

Stories about zombies bring to mind certain images I tend to shy away from, but author Heather Graham tackles the subject matter in an intriguing way that quickly pulled me in.

Narrator Phil Gigante does an excellent job giving the ‘living’ and ‘dead’ characters their own unique voice. His mannerisms are such that even the female voices capture your attention. Gigante’s interruption of the emotions and suspense enhances an already well-developed story.

FBI Agent Britt Cody finds he has a most unusual crime on his hands. A woman has been murdered in her own home by her husband. But the husband had been murdered weeks earlier in an explosion tied to a local crime boss.

Meanwhile, Lara Mayhew is settling into a new job working with a dolphin research facility. When one of the dolphins brings Lara a human finger from the lagoon, Britt is called in. The finger, along with a number of other body parts, turns out to be the dead man accused of killing his wife.

As more zombie-like killings occur, the Krewe of Hunters (an elite FBI unit of paranormal investigators) is called in. As Britt and Lara work with members of the Krewe, they soon discover everything is not what it seems including their attitude toward each other.

Graham has crafted interesting characters that draw listeners/readers in and holds them spellbound until they discover answers. She blends the paranormal with realistic for a smooth, fast-pace story filled with mystery, suspense, and touches of romance. Combining all these elements with fascinating tidbits about dolphins, Graham captures your imagination.

THE FORGOTTEN is the 16th installment in Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series, but can be listened to or read on its own. While several characters from the previous installment (THE SILENCED) return in this story, new listeners/readers won’t be left in the dark and returning fans of the series will enjoy the follow-up to a former character’s journey.

Graham brings dark and deadly zombies to life in her latest paranormal thriller.

The Forgotten by Heather Graham, Krewe of Hunters Book #16, Narrated by Phil Gigante, Brilliance Audio, @2015, ISBN: 978-1491505151, Unabridged, 7 Discs, Run Time: 8 Hours and 46 Minutes 

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.


The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop by Carolyn Brown - Thoughts in ProgressLiving in a town where the gossip travels faster than the speed of sound might be tough, but if you had friends like Stella, Charlotte and Piper it wouldn’t matter.

These three ladies and a slew of other characters bring the town of Cadillac, Texas, to life in another Carolyn Brown’s THE YELLOW ROSE BEAUTY SHOP, the latest installment in her Cadillac, Texas series.

Narrator Laural Merlington will have you laughing and then on the verge of tears as she brings these delightful characters to life. She hits the mark every time with her mannerisms and varying accents. Her way with Southern flare emphasizes the sassiness of the characters, as well as their deep love of family and friends.

Stella’s mama wants her married and having children so she does the only thing she can do – she puts Stella’s name on the prayer list at church asking for a husband.

Heather, the bossy leader of the church’s Prayer Angels, decides to take Stella’s plight a step further and turn it into her own Marriage Ministry. With Heather’s plans in the works for a fancy ball to turn single folks into couples, Stella and her friends have their hands full if they’re going to throw a wrench in the works. To top it off, Stella’s got her own little secret that will not only shock her mama, but put the gossip tongues to wagging when they learn the identity of Stella’s mystery man.

Once again Brown brings small town charm and love of family to life through her characters. She creates characters that are believable and sincere. Her witty use of dialogue and interaction among characters quickly draws listeners/readers in. Her blend of Southern culture and friendship devotion makes this a fascinating story of romance, laughter and a touch of suspense.

THE YELLOW ROSE BEAUTY SHOP is the ideal place to turn for hours of entertainment that will warm your heart. Sexy Southern gentlemen and feisty Southern ladies some together in Cadillac, Texas, for a hair-raising good time.

The Yellow Rose Beauty Shop by Carolyn Brown, Cadillac, Texas Book #3, Narrated by Laural Merlington, Brilliance Audio, @2015, ISBN: 978-1491590522, Unabridged, 8 Discs, Run Time: 9 Hours and 41 Minutes 

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

Thanks for stopping by today. Are you a fan of zombie stories? What comes to mind when you hear the word zombies? What are your thoughts on beauty shops? Do you think of them as a place where gossip thrives? I hope you find these books as enjoyable as I did.

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  1. The first one sounds good. Zombies play a part of the story without dominating it.

  2. Puts her on the prayer list for a husband - LOL!

  3. Such different kinds of books, Mason! I'm always amazed by the variety of books that you read. I'm not a 'zombie' kind of a reader, but the plot line sounds as though at least the zombies aren't the 'main attraction.'

  4. OMG I get to tell my Heather Graham story!!! Back when I was writing romance, I was sent to represent my local romance chapter at her signing when she came to town. Nobody else showed up (after the initial three or four fans that were waiting when she arrived), and I got a long one-on-one conversation with her about writing. She was SO nice about it! Then a few weeks later, I was assigned to escort a writer around at a big book festival here--guess who they randomly assigned me to? Her! She wasn't all that impressed that time, though--mostly she just wanted me to get her a diet soda.

  5. Very different books - but both fall into my (very broad) reading alley.


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