Friday, September 25, 2015

It’s Friday and I’m Sharing

It’s Friday and I’m sharing some photos with you because ….. well to be honest, I’m running behind on writing reviews.

Can you believe this is the last Friday of September? Before we know it, October will be here and cooler temperatures. I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet even though the fall equinox was Wednesday. 

As the time begins to change I haven’t been taking as many photos of the sunrise as I was. I decided to take a few shots yesterday morning even though the sky wasn’t as brilliant as it sometimes is. Instead, the sky had a dark and eerie look to it. So I thought – the perfect sky for mystery writers. 

Here are a few shots that you can use your imagination on. I will tell you that in the last photo there was a boat out on the lake. I’m guessing it was a fisherman trying to be the early bird that used the worm to catch a fish. But then, it could have been someone trying to dispose of a body, sinking stolen treasure in the lake or scouting for the local version of the Loch Ness monster. You tell me.

Lake view - Thoughts in Progress
View of lake - Thoughts in Progress

Lake View 3 - Thoughts in Progress
Now that’s you’ve put your imaginations to work, let me share a photo I think is so funny. Before anyone gets upset, let me stress no one was hurt in the making of this photo. All participants were able to play again another day.Processed with VSCOcam

Traveler has this habit lately of catching frogs and trying to bring them inside. I can usually tell when he was a playmate with him because I hear him meowing long before he gets to the deck doors.

He apparently wants to bring his new friends inside to play because he doesn’t hurt them. In fact, when he’s told he can’t bring anyone in with him…he drops them and they jump away. Sometimes he chases after it and other times he just comes on inside meowing like he’s fussing. 

He’s caught a number of frogs, lizards, moles, voles and chipmunks. Truth be told, I learned the hard way not to open the door to him without looking closely. I did that once and he came in with a chipmunk that he politely let go and it ran under the sofa. After a few frantic moments with me, a broom and Traveler all searching for the chipmunk, it darted out the door and off the deck.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope these photos have entertained you today and that you have a wonderful and safe weekend. Did the lake photos inspire any story from you? Does the lake look scary or peaceful to you? What about Traveler (or Meow Boy as we call him from time to time) and his friends, do they invoke your imagination?


  1. That's nice he doesn't hurt the frogs, although I'm sure you don't want them inside.
    Stunning photos! The dock really adds to the pictures.
    Have a great weekend, Mason.

  2. Love those photos.
    When we lived on a farm we had a cat who would proudly bring in the lambs tails after they had been docked. He always told us what an amazing fight they had given him too.
    Love that Meow Boy plays nicely.

  3. From these photos, it looks like you live in paradise! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. The pictures are gorgeous. They would make great book covers.

    My cat Tiger used to bring in critters. Never a frog though. That's a gentle mouth on your kitty.

  5. You might have to start calling him Meow Boy and Pal. LOL. That is too cute.

    I had a dog that used to play with whatever critters she found. I had to make sure she only played with them outside too. :)

  6. oh, my, imagine if he brought a mole in...eeww..
    My tomcat also loves to play with the frogs, as we have a family of them who are his own pets.... they like to swim in his water bowl :)

  7. Oh, these are wonderful 'photos, Mason!! You live in such a pretty place. And Traveler's a handsome fellow! And he sure can bring 'em in!

  8. gorgeous!!! But thank God I don't receive frogs special delivery!!

  9. Stunning photos. Ah, Traveler so kind to bring his friends home.

  10. Traveler is so cute! Oh wow. He sounds like quite the hunter!

  11. How adorable that he doesn't hurt any of them but just wants to play.

  12. Yikes! Apparently our dog had a frog in her mouth once. I didn't see it. I did capture a picture of her with her nose very close to one. I guess they don't always kill them when they put them in their mouths? They just want to carry them around?

  13. Beautiful photos. I love water views. I love how your cat doesn't kill the frogs. I've had cats that brought me their victims as gifts.

  14. Very nice photos! They remind me of the Ozarks of Missouri where my family used to vacation when I was a kid.

    So far, the only thing Katie Cat has tried to bring into the house (when I take her out with harness and leash) is a grasshopper. She plays with them for a few seconds and then eats them, but a couple of times she's tried to sneak one inside with her. Maybe for a snack later?


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