Friday, August 21, 2015

Tasty Treats to Satisfy


As students all over the nation return to their classrooms and cooler temperatures inch closer toward us we begin to look for tasty treats to satisfy and fill those backpacks.

I mentioned earlier this month that I had the opportunity to partner with Gourmet Gifter to taste some of their delicious treats and would tell you about two other products in the box I received. Well, those two items are tasty snacks that would work well for snacks for students or outdoor enthusiasts. 

The first item is an old favorite of mine …. Peanut Brittle. I remember making peanut brittle with my grandmother when I was a youngster. It was also a messy job and you’d find sticky spots throughout the kitchen for days no matter how well you cleaned up. But the reward was that delicious sweet, salty taste.

Peanut Brittle - Thoughts in ProgressThe peanut brittle from Gourmet Gifter is just as delicious as I remember without all that work and mess. 

The brittle comes in half pound bags. It has the crunch and wonderful flavor that will have you snacking all day long. 

The sweet buttery flavor will melt in your mouth and the various peanuts mixed in gives you that great crunch. While this snack is quite hard, it can be chipped into smaller pieces. Also, it’s best to store the brittle in a cool place as it can easily melt due to its ingredients.

The other treat I tried, I wasn’t so sure about in the beginning. It was a PurEarth Meal Replacement Bar in a pineapple flavor. I was pleasantly surprised. While it’s not a snack I’d keep handy to munch on while watching TV, it is definitely a snack to carry with you on a hike, horseback ride or other such outing outdoors.

Meal Replacement Bar - Pineapple - Thoughts in Progress The meal replacement bars are cold pressed which means nothing is cooked, baked or heated thus keeping the nutrients in all the ingredients from degrading. 

The bars are made with all-natural prebiotic fiber that is derived from the tapioca plant. The bars have no sugar added and are labeled having wholefood nutritional values.

The bars have a fiber texture, but are moist and quite flavorful with the pineapple added. It’s easy to chew and digest. After the first bite, you’ll go back for more and more.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope I’ve tempted your taste buds a bit to try out these yummy treats. Do you have a favorite snack you enjoy while hiking or participating in other outdoor activities? When was the last time you enjoyed peanut brittle? Have you ever made it yourself?

*This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. I was provided the items mentioned above by Gourmet Gifter, but the post was written solely by me and all opinions are my own given honestly and freely.


  1. The meal replacement bar looks interesting - and much more to my taste than peanut brittle. Mind you, I need to skip meals rather than replace them...

  2. What an interesting pack of treats, Mason! It looks a whole lot better than the usual junk food that's available. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now if they could make the peanut brittle into a meal replacement bar that would be a definite hit.

  4. I've never tried to make peanut brittle but did once try a toffee that came out well. I don't make candy anymore because I tend to eat it up way too fast. :D

  5. Peanut brittle...YUM!!! The problem I have with "meal replacements" is that I end up hungry a couple of hours later. They just don't fill me up like real food does.

  6. I love peanut brittle. I often eat protein bars, but haven't tried meal replacement bars.


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