Monday, August 3, 2015

Sharing A Little Sunrise With You

Do you have the opportunity to watchlake at sunrise 4 - Thoughts in Progress a sunrise or a sunset at least once a week?

To me the sunrise can be an amazing scene. The colors that come through depend on so many elements. Sometimes the skies can have a blue tint or a brown tint or orange tint, etc. You get the idea. 

lake at sunrise 2 - Thoughts in Progress

I found the most amazing sunrise I’ve watched recently came the morning after a rain storm. There was so much orange in the sky it took my breath away.

lake at sunrise 3 - Thoughts in Progress

I normally try to get outside around 5:15 a.m. or 5:30 a.m. just as the sun is beginning to peak through the clouds and over the horizon. As the sun comes up it reflects on the lake make a reverse sunrise that is also amazing.

lake at sunrise 1 - Thoughts in Progress

These are several of the sunrises I have taken in the past few weeks. Do you see the differences in color tints? Thanks for stopping by today.

lake at sunrise 5 - Thoughts in Progress
lake at sunrise 7 - Thoughts in Progress
lake at sunrise 6 - Thoughts in Progress


  1. Stunning.
    I do mad woman with camera dances at sunrise and sunset - and would assuredly have danced at all of these.
    Thank you.

  2. pretty pics, Masy!
    I think I only see sunrise when I'm travelling to the capitol city maybe once a years seeing it through bus window in early hours

  3. Those are amazing shots!
    I only see sunrises when I am driving to work.

  4. I love watching sunrises, Mason! And these are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  5. absolutely gorgeous! Nothing more beautiful than sunrises and sunsets!

  6. Those are gorgeous. When I was part of our local photo club, we'd always go out early enough to catch the sunrise. Although some of my best sunrise shots were taken from my own backyard.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I think I needed that this morning. :)

  8. I actually saw a beautiful sunrise this morning. Our dogs barked me awake and the first things I saw were the brightest blue sky and brightest pink clouds.

  9. Very special moments, and I can never decide which touches me more. Maybe I simply react to them differently. Hope and anticipation at sunrise; nostalgia and reflection at sunset. Both often have the awe factor.

  10. Beautiful, I am usually at work before the sun rises and a lot of times I'm in bed before it sets, but those times I get to see them I am in awe of the show that they put on.

  11. The sun doesn't set on the side of our house with all the windows...I'm sure sunrise is beautiful out here, though. I'm going to have to remember to get up early one of these days and appreciate it!

  12. Your photographs are gorgeous! I don't see many sunrises, but I enjoy the ones I do see. Especially when there's water involved :)

  13. Beautiful pictures. I remember living in California on a lake and woke up to beautiful scenes such as these. Water reflection makes it all the more magical.

  14. So beautiful! My sunsets disappeared from my view about 15 years ago when my neighbors built a house. They can see them, but I can no longer see them. However, I like my neighbors. :)


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