Friday, December 12, 2014

Paleo Meal Planning on a Budget

It’s a pleasure today to be participating in the Cedar Fort Publishing virtual blog tour for author Elizabeth McGaw’s recent release, PALEO MEAL PLANNING ON A BUDGET.

Here are my thoughts.

Not knowing anything about Paleo cooking, I’m amazed at the wealth of information PALEO MEAL PLANNING ON A BUDGET by Elizabeth McGaw offers.

The cookbook offers an introduction to meal planning and Paleo 101. There’s information on prep strategy, coupon and store deals, and a quick reference guide, not to mention numerous others tips and tricks to help any cook. The author also includes a few tips on cutting cost in other areas of the household to help during difficult times.

The recipes are divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner + side dishes, and desserts + snacks. The recipes are for such tasty dishes as Banana Pancakes, Tomato Soup, Broccoli Salad, Rosemary Lime Pork Chops, and Raspberry Mug Cake. Each of the delicious recipes, written in simple instructions, are accompanied by a bold, beautiful color photo showing how the finished dish should look.

A Paleo diet refers to eating mainly lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, assorted nuts and seeds much like the hunter/gathers of our ancestors did. The author encourages readers to try the diet at their own pace and to determine to what extent they want to follow the suggestions. She explains what it means to eat the Paleo way, the non-Paleo way and a few items that are “maybe-sorta-kinda” on the Paleo diet depending on the person’s goals for their body.

I found this book to be both informative and entertaining. The author has a way of conveying the information so the reader feels they’re discussing the topic with a friend. The conversational style writing makes the reader feel at ease and not quite so stressful about following the diet to the letter.

PALEO MEAL PLANNING ON A BUDGET provides helpful information for those wanting to change their way of eating to a healthier one, whether all at once or a little at a time.

Paleo Meal Planning On A Budget by Elizabeth McGaw, Front Table Books imprint of Cedar Fort, @2014, ISBN: 978-1462115068, Paperback, 200 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.


Author Elizabeth McGaw
Elizabeth McGaw is the blogger for Paleo On A Budget, a website dedicated to those that are following the Paleo lifestyle on a tight budget. 

She currently resides in Concord, NH and works alongside her husband, as both a Wedding Photographer and Web Designer. 
Thanks so much for stopping by today. Have you tried a Paleo diet? Did you know anything about the Paleo diet before today?

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  1. I've been eating the Paleo way for years and didn't even know it.

  2. That cookbook looks delicious! I like how the book also gives advice to cutting costs.

  3. Mason - What an interesting idea for a diet plan. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I have heard about the Paleo diet. I love that it's budget conscious

  5. Sounds lovely! I've always cooked on a budget since here in my country we have less than $100 for food a month after we pay rent and basic bills :)

  6. I think I'm already on that diet, but I didn't have a name for it. Now I do. Thanks.

  7. I suspect the cake falls into the maybe category, but know quite a lot of people who are Paelo converts. As, I suppose I am - minus the meat.

  8. It sounds rather interesting, I must say - apart from the meat.


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