Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NutriGold Organic Coconut Oil Gold

Can you believe Christmas is only 15 days away? Have you started making Christmas cookies and/or plans for your holiday meals?

NutriGold Coconut Oil Gold (Organic Extra Virgin) - Thoughts in ProgressWell, today’s post is one of my varied outlooks as I want to tell you about a product I think will help enhance your cooking experience during the holidays and long after.

With the stress of the holidays and the unusual eating habits of the season, it’s the perfect time to begin using healthier products in our cooking. There are numerous health benefits to cooking with coconut oil. With that in mind, I want to tell you about my recent experience with Coconut Oil Gold.

Cooking with coconut oil not only adds a refreshing flavor to the kitchen, it’s healthy for you.

I found NutriGold Organic Coconut Oil Gold (cold-pressed, extra virgin) to be easy to use and helped enhance my cooking. The creamy coconut oil was easier to use as a solid in my dishes and quickly melted when a liquid was needed. I found that I could even use less of the coconut oil in my dishes for the same wonderful results. This makes the coconut oil an economical benefit as well.

One of the major benefits I noticed was in preparing my drop biscuits. Using the coconut oil instead of shortening, the biscuits were just as good the next day as they were right out of the oven. With the coconut oil the texture held together much better, but did not become overly hard. The day-old biscuits can be cut or broken in two without the biscuit crumbling to pieces – a big plus.

The healthy benefits of cooking with certified organic, extra virgin coconut oil are many. They include such points as rich in naturally-occurring Lauric Acid and Vitamin E; fewer calories than conventional coconut oils; rich in flavor and aroma; naturally free of solvents, pesticides, and preservatives; and naturally free of cholesterol, gluten, trans-fat and hydrogenated fats.

If you’ve never tried cooking with certified organic coconut oil (or you’ve tried with bad results), give NutriGold Organic Coconut Oil Gold a try. Start out with something simple that uses a small amount of oil and expand from there. While there might be a slight difference in the food taste, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed it had you not been looking for it.

This product is packed in easy to handle plastic containers. I’ve used coconut oil from a local grocery store chain before, but didn’t have the great results I’ve had from using NutriGold Organic Coconut Oil Gold.

FTC Full Disclosure – The Coconut Oil Gold was sent to me by NutriGold to try at my own discretion and a review was not a requirement to receive the product. Receiving the complimentary products did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

Thanks so much for stopping by today for the trip to the kitchen instead of the library. Do you cook with coconut oil? If so, what do you like most about it? If you don’t cook with it, why or have you ever tried it?

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  1. Hi Mason .. interesting to read about .. I don't now do enough cooking to warrant a try of this .. but I'm glad to find out about it ... I don't use coconut that often, and I don't bake biscuits ... a rare event! Cheers Hilary

  2. We'll have to look for it at the grocery store. At the moment, we only use olive oil.

  3. We use mostly applesauce when baking.

    I'll see if Harris Teeter carries it. They probably do!

  4. Interesting idea for enhancing cooking, Mason. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I do use coconut oil. I don't bake, though, so can't comment on that.

  6. sounds lovely, does it leave coconut taste?

  7. Sounds yummy! My parents' neighbor put coconut oil on everything she made for her husband when his memory started deteriorating. One time she went out of town and when she came back, his dementia was back. She asked if he'd taken his coconut oil while she was gone and figured out he hadn't. She swears it made all the difference.

  8. There are so many uses for coconut oil. I use it as a night cream.

  9. At first I thought it was for your face but I do see the benefits of it. Thanks for the review!

  10. Have been hearing a lot about coconut oil at the moment. I like natural products. Sounds good.

  11. I LOVE Coconut oil! They should have had you do a give-away! I cook with it, the pets get a tiny bit (it's good for them) and I put it on ME too!

  12. I like cooking and baking with coconut oil. In fact, I have to get some as I'm almost out!

  13. i do not cook with it, i just add a little into my coffee everyday for the healty benefits


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