Friday, October 17, 2014

Candy Canes and Christmastime: Enhancing the Holidays in the Real World

Candy Canes and Christmastime coverWith just over two months until Christmas, it’s really not too early to begin thinking about how you’re going to celebrate the holiday.

Between the hectic pace of everyday life and the added stress of preparing for the holidays, things can become overwhelming. CANDY CANES AND CHRISTMASTIME: Enhancing the Holidays in the Real World, compiled and illustrated by author Linda Hoffman Kimball, is a wonderful reminder of what the season is really all about.

This charming book is a collection of stories dealing with the problems and frustration of trying to create the perfect holiday. The short stories are humorous, but heartfelt and inspire families to refocus on the sacredness of the season.

Loaded with practical tips and delicious recipes, CANDY CANES AND CHRISTMASTIME explores the idea that the holidays doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun and enjoyable for the family. It talks about creating family traditions and enjoying the simpler side of the holiday while celebrating the spiritual foundation. 

The beautiful illustrations by the author sprinkled throughout the book, enhance the story. The basic inspiring element I took from this enchanting book is that it’s not all about the presents you give, but the memories you make with your family and friends that’s important. 

Candy Canes and Christmastime: Enhancing the Holidays in the Real World compiled and illustrated by Linda Hoffman Kimball, Cedar Fort Publishing & Media, @2014, ISBN: 978-1462114634, Paperback, 176 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.


Linda Hoffman Kimball is an author and illustrator based in Illinois and Utah. Candy Canes & Christmastime: Enhancing the Holidays in the Real World is the 5th compilation for Cedar Fort in the “In the Real World” series. This series on topics compelling to Mormon women, features the voices and experiences of a wide array of women “in the trenches” who candidly share what they have learned from the highlights – and even the lowlights – in their efforts to build Zion. She is a blogger with and writes a column for the quarterly journal Exponent II with which she has been affiliated since 1975. 

Her other books include humorous novels for LDS adults Home to Roost (Hatrack River Press) and The Marketing of Sister B. (Signature Books), an essay compilation Saints Well-Seasoned: Musings on how food nourishes us – body, heart and soul (Deseret Book) and the children’s picture book Come with Me on Halloween (Albert Whitman Co.). Learn more at

Kimball earned a BA from Wellesley College and an MFA from Boston University. She and her husband Christian have three grown children with marvelous spouses and three delightful grandchildren. She loves to travel, make creative messes, and consume dark chocolate.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Do you stress over the holiday season, over making sure all the decorations are just right, over worrying that you have the perfect gift for everyone on your list?

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  1. It's one of those things that if you try too hard, you'll just mess it up.
    Congratulations, Linda!

  2. Mason - I think it really is easy to get swept up in what 'should' happen during the holidays, and creating the 'perfect' holiday. Nice that there are some stories that explore the underlying things that make a celebration memorable.

  3. Celebrating the spiritual aspect should always come first.

  4. What a great idea. I remember a few holidays when I was a kid that just exploded from the stress of trying to perfect everything.

  5. seems like an absolutely delightful book to have and read!


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