Sunday, February 23, 2014

How’s Your Day Going?

Can you believe that February is almost over and that we’re getting closer to spring?

It’s hard to believe with this crazy winter weather we’re having. One day we have snow and the next the sun is out the temperatures feel like spring and then the snow comes back.

Cold weather is always a good time to put puzzles together so I’m sharing a puzzle for your enjoyment. Hopefully this will give you a chance to relax a few minutes and recharge for the week ahead.

Click to Mix and

The average time on this puzzle is 4 minutes, 16 seconds. My time was 4 minutes, 34 seconds. I just couldn’t seem to get things to move where I wanted them.

I like all the different color hats. Can you image who would wear the hats and what they would be doing? There’s a story behind these hats. What do you think it is?

Hope you’re having a great day. Thanks for stopping by today. Have you tried the puzzle yet? What’s your time?


  1. Oh, Mason, those hats are great! Thanks for sharing the puzzle!

  2. Now I'm addicted to the puzzles. I've posted one on my site too.

  3. Took me way too long-and I do 2000 piece puzzles at home. Fun, Mason. Thanks

  4. Our weather here has actually been surprisingly spring-like, and the blossoms are appearing.

    I love hats! Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  5. My weekend is going ok, loving this weather we have had the last few days, felt like Spring! I hope you had a great weekend yourself!

  6. it was the strangest winter here in Central Europe. Beside one snowy week the rest was like Spring.

  7. Hi Mason .. those things I'm not good at - but I enjoy looking at the picture and those colours are just great ..

    February is now nearly March .. oh dear oh dear ... still enjoy each day .. and the next 5/6ths of the year! Cheers Hilary


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