Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Hill’s® Science Diet® Surprise

Sometimes good surprises can still be a bit bittersweet. 

Last week I was surprised when I received a box from Hill’s Pet Food and then quickly remembered that I had won a giveaway. The lovely Lorie Huston, DVM, had hosted a giveaway -#HillsPet Food Giveaway – Feed Your Cat a Gourmet Menu - on her site, Pet Health Care Gazette, back in November.

Closer look at gift items 
I had entered the giveaway because at the time Little One was still alive and, as always, a picky eater. The variety the giveaway offered sounded like a great way to try something new for her and for Traveler (my other cat) at the same time. I was thrilled and delighted when I was notified that I was one of the winners. However, between the holidays, Little One passing away and all the crazy winter weather we’ve been having here in Georgia – I completely forgot about the giveaway.

So the arrival of the gift box was both a wonderful surprise and a bit sad with Little One no longer with us. However, I was still excited to see how Traveler like the food and treats.

As I mentioned, I had unfortunately forgotten about the giveaway and didn’t remember exactly what was to be included. It was an awesome package. It contained a pretty place mat, a darling cat bowl, two bags of grain-free cat treats – one turkey and one chicken flavor, a two-pound bag of grain-free dry cat food, and six cans of wet cat food in various flavors. 

Traveler enjoying new foodI can’t say that Traveler has a favorite when it comes to the wet cat food, he seemed to like them equally. However since he is more of a dry cat food eater anyway, he has definitely enjoyed the bag of dry food and the treats.

While Traveler appears to still be a young cat (he just appeared at our house a little over a year ago and no one has ever come looking for him) and isn’t a picky eater, I still want to provide him with the best food possible to help insure he has a long life.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Lorie at Pet Health Care Gazette and the great folks at Hill’s® Science Diet for this amazing prize package. It was a great way to find new and nutritious food to help keep Traveler health and happy. I think Little One would have enjoyed the food too.

Thanks for stopping by today. The snow is slated to be over for us by today, but with this crazy weather one can never tell. At the writing of this we had four inches of snow and a good covering of sleet. Predictions are that we will get another one to three inches of snow during the night. Oh, where is spring? Smile

Have you ever won something and forgotten about it until it arrived making it a really special treat?

P.S. I think Little One and Traveler got along so well because Traveler looks and acts a lot like Gum Drop. He came along a year after Gum Drop died. Aren’t animals amazing?

** FTC Full Disclosure: The items mentioned in this post were sent to me as a prize in a giveaway contest. I was not required to write this post or make any comments on the items in order to receive them. This post and the comments are solely made by me as a way of expressing my appreciation and delight in winning the prize.


  1. Mason - Oh, those pet giveaways are great, aren't they? And it's good to know Traveler (love that name!) enjoys the food. I've lost beloved pets, and it always hurts, so I know what you mean about Little One. You gave her a good life...

  2. What a nice surprise. I bought a Hill's special dried diet food for my dog from the vets and a few weeks later got a sample gift of more food and some in cans to try so that was a nice surprise.
    Reports are that the powers that be are better prepared for this new onslaught. I hope you're staying warm.

  3. Hi, Mason. I'm glad that Traveler enjoyed all of the goodies.

  4. That is one heck of a prize package! I'm glad Traveler enjoyed it. Still feel bad about Little One.


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