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The War of the Roses - The Children by Warren Adler

You know how you read a book and wish the author would write a sequel because you’re curious about the outcome of the secondary characters?

Well, for most who’ve read (or seen) WAR OF THE ROSES, we’veimage wondered what became of the Rose children. Author Warren Adler has decided to answer that question with the release this week of the sequel, THE WAR OF THE ROSES - THE CHILDREN.

It’s been almost three decades since the novel (1986) was published and nearly 25 years since it became a movie (1989). While the divorce rate has decline a bit in the US since then, the traumatic impact felt by the children involved is still quite painful.

In  THE WAR OF THE ROSES - THE CHILDREN, Adler revisits how the sins of the father (and mother) can be passed onto the next generation. In this book, Josh and Evie Rose will discover their own perils of adulthood, marriage and divorce just as their parents - Jonathan and Barbara - did.

Josh and his wife, Victoria, have what appears to be a marriage to last a lifetime. But, sometimes the smallest incident can lead to disaster such as an incident involving missing candy at their son’s elite school that goes awry. We learn what lengths some parents will go to protect their children.

Meanwhile, Josh’s sister, Evie, attempts to help her niece and nephew in the only way she knows how - through her ‘food-is-love’ obsession. However, not willing to be children of divorce themselves, Michael and Emily devise a plan to keep their parents together that may cost them more than they bargained for.

Adler has a way of taking dire straight situations and making you laugh despite yourself. He digs into the ups and downs of marriage and the toil it takes on all family members. He portrays the good and the very bad.

This story moves at a steady pace and captures your attention with the first phone call. The characters are well-developed and realistic. There are twists and turns along the way leading to a dramatic event with an ending I wasn’t quite expecting.

It’s well-worth a trip down memory lane to see what became of the Rose children in THE WAR OF THE ROSES - THE CHILDREN. You won’t be able to put the book down until you find out if their fate is like that of their parents.

The War of the Roses - The Children  by Warren Adler, Stonehouse Productions, @2013, ISBN: 978-1590061121, Paperback, 288 Pages

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the author in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
I couldn’t write this review without also giving you a bit of background on the author, Warren Adler.

Author Warren Adler
World-renowned author Adler is probably best known for The War of the Roses, his masterpiece fictionalization of a macabre divorce turned into the dark comedy box office hit starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito, Adler quickly became the fountainhead of Hollywood screenplay adaptations, fueling an unprecedented bidding war in a Hollywood commission for his unpublished book Private Lies. 

While The War of the Roses garnered outstanding box office and critical success with Golden Globe, BAFTA and multiple award nominations internationally, Adler went on to sell movie and film rights for 12 books, all noted for his character driven and masterful storytelling. 

An essayist, short-story writer, poet and playwright, Adler’s works have been translated into 25 languages and have received stellar reviews by all major publications. 

A pioneer in electronic publishing, Adler introduced the first digital reader manufactured by SONY in 2007. After being published by such houses as Viking, Putnam and Warner Books, he re-acquired his complete back-list and converted his entire library to digital publishing formats, published now under his own company, Stonehouse Press. In 2011, he released five new e-books in an exclusive with He is a member of the Authors Guild, PEN, the Century Association, and the Lotos Club.

Adler is the founder of the Jackson Hole Writer’s Conference and has been Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Jackson Hole Public Library. He is married to Sonia Adler nee Kline, a former magazine editor, and lives in New York City.

For more on Adler and his writing, visit his website and find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Do you enjoy books where the author can make you laugh at dire situations?

Personal Note: My in-laws are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary today. While my father-in-law (age 96) knows what day it is, my mother-in-law (age 91) doesn't understand due to the Alzheimer's. For that reason, we haven't planned any type of celebration. But, I think it's amazing and wanted to share. Sorry, couldn't help but give a special shout out for this. :)

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  1. Mason - Congratulations to your in-laws! What a special day. And I give credit to Adler for the creative idea to explore what happened to the Rose children. Divorce does affect young people and it's interesting when an author looks at that issue.


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