Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lessons From The Lemonade Stand On Tour

I’m delighted to be a part of author James Berman’s Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tour for his release, LESSONS FROM THE LEMONADE STAND.

As part of the tour today, I’d like to shine the spotlight on James and his intriguing book.

LessonsfromtheLemonadeStand_zpsb5696e59Written for aspiring investors of all ages, LESSONS FROM THE LEMONADE STAND explains everything you need to know in the context of that most classic of all American businesses: the corner lemonade stand.

Rooted in the fundamental truth that “common sense is the best investment tool,” the book slices important concepts into simple sections, sweetening them with folksy, easy-to-read language. 

The trials and tribulations of lemonade stand owner Lucinda highlight every concept from interest rates to retirement accounts to leverage. Learn investment basics as you follow Lucinda Lemonade Inc. along its sweet (and sometimes sour) journey as a start-up, from the squeeze of the first lemon to its initial private equity deal and its eventual foray into tech, all in the tidy town of Lemonville.

Entertaining and fun, LESSONS FROM THE LEMONADE STAND supplies readers with the ingredients they need to become savvy investors.


James is the president and founder of LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm specializing in asset management for high-net-worth individuals and trusts. With over 16 years of experience managing client portfolios, James is a specialist in value investing and asset allocation. 

As the president of JBGlobal LLC, the general partner of the JBGlobal Fund LP, James manages a global equities fund that invests in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He is a faculty member in the Finance Department of NYU (SCPS Division), where he teaches corporate finance. He also serves as subadvisor to Eitan Ventures LLC, a venture capital fund based in New York.

James has appeared on CNBC, the Fox News Channel, the Cavuto Show, and the Fox Business Channel and is frequently published and quoted in a variety of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Fortune, Bloomberg, and CNN Money. As a regular blogger for the Huffington Post, he covers financial topics ranging from hedge funds to the economy. 

In addition, James  writes a monthly interactive investment letter, the Berman Value Folio, a Forbes/Trefis publication. He received a BA (magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Harvard University and a JD from Harvard Law School.
For more on James and his writing, visit his website at

Thanks for stopping by today. Had you ever thought about finances in the terms of a lemonade stand?

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  1. Mason - Now, that's a very creative way to frame a discussion of finances and financial planning. And anyone who can make those topics interesting and understandable deserves credit. Thanks for sharing this.


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