Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Does America Have A Royal Couple?

Between the recent wedding, Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee and now the Olympics, do you have royal fever?

Do you find yourself still Youtube-ing clips of Will & Kate’s big day? Don’t worry, Sourcebooks has you covered with a humorous read and a fun giveaway.

Named a “Cinderella story for the beach bag”, Sourcebooks releases Wendy Holden’s MARRYING UP this month. MARRING UP has all of the crazy love, eye-opening snobbery, and naked ambition to create a juicy cocktail worthy of any royal. After all, what’s a relationship without a title and a tiara?

In honor of Wendy’s new release, Sourcebooks is sponsoring a contest to find out who is America’s very own Royal Couple! Is it old time favorite Brangelina? Or perhaps the new comers Kim Kardashian & Kanye West, aka Kimye?

To enter the contest, just leave a comment as to who you think is America’s Royal Couple. One lucky visitor will receive a copy of MARRYING UP. The contest is openMarryingUpCVR.indd to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Be sure to leave your email address with your comment, if it’s not included in your profile. The deadline is 8 p.m. (EST) Friday, Aug. 10. Even if you don’t want to enter the contest, still pick a royal couple for Americans to cheer and add ‘not entering.’

Here’s what reviewers are already saying about MARRYING UP:
Holden, a former writer for the Mail on Sunday, certainly knows her way around snarky royal gossip and delivers here a very guilty pleasure.” ―  Kirkus Reviews 

“Anglophiles who stayed up all night to watch William and Kate walk down the aisle will have a lot of fun here, as will readers of Sophie Kinsella’s frothy Shopaholic series.”  ― Booklist 
“Readers will rush through this dishy chick lit tale to find the answer. A Cinderella story for the beach bag.”  ―  Publishers Weekly 

“Gold-digging tale while providing a brimming bucket of laughs along the way.”  ―   Shelf Awareness for Readers 

“Entertaining with a witty and dry sense of humor”  ―  RT Book Reviews

Here’s a brief description of MARRYING UP:
As women around the world watched Will and Kate walk down the aisle, many of them were plotting how they could find their own prince charming.

Razor-sharp in its wit and as fresh as newlywed royals, MARRYING UP (ISBN 9781402270673, Sourcebooks Landmark, Fiction, Trade Paperback, $14.99 U.S., Aug 2012) by Wendy Holden reveals how sometimes a rags-to-riches story can rip a girl to shreds—and how sometimes the crown on your head can nearly crush you. 
Only a title, a mansion, and a family tiara will do for a scheming social climber like Alexa, and she will go to great lengths to get it. Starting by befriending clueless aristocrat Florrie, who fills her life with parties, texting, and, above all, champagne, means that the grandest doors swing open and the prince of her dreams is within reach. 

But has Florrie’s mother, the formidable Lady Annabel, figured out Alexa’s intentions already?

Meanwhile, beautiful but penniless archaeology student Polly has found herself in love after a chance meeting with a dark-eyed stranger named Max. However, Max is hiding a big secret, a secret that could ultimately ruin any chance of him and Polly living happily ever after. 

Author Wendy Holden (UK) was a journalist for the Sunday Times, Tatler, and The Mail on Sunday before becoming a full-time author. She has now published nine novels, all top 10 bestsellers in the UK. Her novels include BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, FARM FATALE, and FILTHY RICH and feature sassy humor with a great cast of characters. 

For more information about the author and her writing, visit:

Now who do you think is America’s royal couple? Is there more than one? Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great Wednesday.


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  3. I think so often our royalty are movie stars, but pleeeezzzze don't tell me Kim Kardasian is US royalty.

    The Kennedys used to be our royalty.


  4. Kim K. is the last person I would pick. The closest we have had to royalty is Grace Kelly.

  5. Hi Mason .. interesting thought - I've often wondered ... but then thought probably not, at least in the British context. Cheers Hilary


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